I am now on Summer break. Feels good to be done with school! And I passed both of my classes, so that is a big relief! I signed up for my next two classes. Keep forgetting to buy my books though. I start back June 5th and end just before August. That will be a fast semester.

I’m behind on my reading. I’ve read 20 books so far and I want to read 100 for the year. It’s still possible. I plan on doing a lot of reading during break and during the family road trip this Summer. We leave after my Summer classes. 

Currently watching an Anime called MAGI. It’s not bad. I’m rewatching Gilmore Girls! Never gets old! And I started The Walking Dead for The first time. I was dying to know how it all go started. I stopped watching Jessica Jones. I was sad to do so because David Tenant is in there! But the sec scenes were driving me nuts and I was caring for the gay characters. I also stopped the Mysteries of Laura. I really wasn’t into it all that much and there was Max. I kind of like his character and I I guessed he was gay, but I didn’t want to like jump, because some guys arnt gay and still into fashion. And despite him being gay he was my favorite character. But I made a promise to myself and I want to keep it. I’ve been seeing stuff for Beauty and the Beast and it still bothers me on what they did to that children movie. 

Missing my friends, even the one with blue hair! It didn’t work out to go somewhere during my break 😦 I’m hoping I can go to a concert or the symphony or something at least once before school. At least I get to read and watch tv at work! 

All I want to do is cry. 

Rewatching the Doctor is fun.

I always do it when waiting for the next season.

I’m on season 4, with an unopened season 9.

Looking forward to season 10, ready for a new companion.

Now what I learned makes me want to cry. If I wasn’t at work I would. 

I can’t watch season 10, I wish I could, but I made a promise and intend to keep it.

She’s openly gay I read. Is it true? I don’t know, but I won’t find out.

Why? Why did they have to do this? Wasn’t it fine the way it was? Did there really have to be this kind of change? 

What was wrong with before? 


If you agree put a sad face. I know I don’t have that many followers, so what’s it matter anyhow. 

Glad that’s over…LOL


Sitting, waiting, reading, anticipation.
Pain building, getting stronger.
Thought it was gone, but alas it is not.

Longing for my name to be called.
Tired of sitting, of holding my head in hands.
Tummy is hungry, can’t wait for food.

Noises all around, but not the noise I want.
The door keeps opening, but not for me.
The red blinks steady, but no beeping.

What will they find I wonder.
Nothing, something, something serious?
I don’t know, I don’t much care.
I just want my name heard.



Some have wings
Some have none

Some have scales
Some have fur

Others breathe fire
While some breathe ice

It does not matter which is which
What matters is this

Do you believe…in Dragons

I can honestly say I do
What do you say