April 24, 2013

The last time I wrote I had stated that I hadn’t seen a check in a while. Well I’m so very glad to report that since then I have three checks come in. Seeing those checks made me very happy. Each day that I got a check it made my day. When I added up all the money I surprisingly discovered that I reached over half of my goal. I practically screamed with joy! Considering I need at least half of my goal by September. I understood then that God had actually heard my prayers.


            Every day that passes brings me closer to my day of departure. Looking upon that I get butterflies in my stomach and sometimes I feel sick. I suppose it’s the whole part of leaving home and not seeing my family that gets to me. The major part that I will miss during my time of intake will be my brothers sixteenth birthday. Thinking about that makes me want to cry. Missing my little down syndrome brother’s sixteenth birthday! I know it’s all a part of God’s plan what I miss and I don’t miss.

April 11th 2013

Six more months to go till I join Family Missions Company! I’m getting really excited. Though discouraged at the same time

It has been a few weeks since I saw a check. Not seeing them come in pulls me down and discourages me. But I know that it’s all in God’s hands though it is never easy not knowing exactly what lies ahead. I guess that’s what makes life more interesting and helps us to grow closer towards Him.

Once the weather is warmer I will be hosting hopefully a large garage sale. I’ve been blessed to have a few people donate some of there junk to me. As they say “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. If you’re reading this and you have junk you no longer want or need consider donation it to me. It’s all going towards a good cause. I’m blessed to have my parents who are also helping with this garage sale. My mom is already going through her closet, as am I. I discovered that I have tons of clothes.

I discovered that I have more clothes than I need. When I was going through my closet I kept thinking about some kid out there who could have a better use for this shirt or for these pants. Why do we hold on to things we don’t need? There are so many other people out there who actually need what we have and we only wanted it, we didn’t really truly need it.

Six more months that’s all I got till my whole life changes. Till I leave home and move into another with another much larger family. In some ways that scares me, but then I just remind myself that this is what God’s wants and I want to make him happy!

Ps: I just wanted to point out that my life, no our lives, isn’t just a missionary journey during missionary work, but that our life as a whole before, during, and after is a missionary journey. Through our whole lives we should continue to do good deeds and spread God’s word.