May 20th 2013

May 5th 2013

Today I recieved my acceptence letter from FMC!! I knew I would be excepted, but haveing that piece of paper makes it all the more real! I am so excited and can’t stop smileing:)


May 4th 2013

I just got done watching this movie called “Mary and Martha”. For those who have not seen you should. It is about two women whose sons die in Africa from the disease Malaria. The two women, Mary and Martha, end up meeting each other and naturally have a bond with each other. Through this bond they help the people of Africa with this troubling disease. I would tell you more, but then there would be no point in you watching it.

            But one thing that Mary said really got to me. It went something like this “We are searching for a cure in baldness, but yet we can’t seem to fine a cure for Malaria”. What she said was true and it made me want to do more (though I can’t explain what).

            Why am I telling you this? My dream as long as I can remember is to go to Africa. After watching that movie it makes me want to go even more. I hope that FMC will be having that chance one day and I get to along with them.

            Something Martha said also really got to me. “Where is home?” Lots of people say that were the heart is or where the family is or where the love is, that is where home is. For me it is different. Where the people, the poor people, the people that need love and friendship, the people that need Christ, that is my home. Whether it is in Africa, or Mexico, or even here in Grand Rapids. My home is where God tells me to go.