Garage Sale

Garage Sale

I was blessed by so many people to actually have this sale! I earned more than enough money to get two airplane tickets. I was surprised that I had earned that much.

On my first day I had one lady come up to pay for her stuff. Doing so she asked me if she could pray over me. I willing said yes. Normally when one person asks me this I would feel strange and a little weird, but when she asked me I didn’t hesitate one moment. One man had given ten dollars just for two mice for his computer. Another woman had given me twenty dollars for a single pop, which was a one dollar donation. I felt so blessed to have these people around me.

On my third and last day one of our neighbors had stopped by. He was just chit chatting with us, but just before he left he placed a twenty dollar bill in our cash box.

So many helpful people that will be blessed with my many prayers. I can’t thank God enough for all that He has done. Including that with the weather. For three days I prayed He would hold off the rain. He did. At the end of the day of our last sale I told God that He could let the Heavens lose with rain. The next moment looking out the window I saw that it was raining! A miracle indeed!! I don’t care what anyone says!

More sales to come and I’m sure with many more blessed people!