Following My Heart

WHOVIANS!!      (Jessica, Abi, and Anna

“My duty is to my heart.”

-Mulan II

It is true, my duty is to my heart. Why? Because God is in my heart. If my heart is urging me to do something then I believe it is God’s way of speaking to me. Sometimes we get confused as to what our heart is telling us, but then again God is not always clear, we just need to learn to trust Him more.

By following my heart I ended up in the missionary field, which up till a couple years ago was never even a thought in my mind. It’s amazing how God can work in us. He just places the last thing that crosses our minds into our paths.

Also rather recently I followed my heart which led me to confess something to my parents. It was nothing too terrible, but it weighed on my heart so much and this had happened a few years back. It got to the point where I just could not take it any more. My heart and my God were telling me to confess and to be true to myself, so I did. And it has been such a relief. My parents arn’t as mad or disipointed as I thought they would be. Just confessing to them and to God really cleansed me and now I feel free.

Sometimes our hearts can give us mixed feelings, but I think thats just us second guessing ourselves and even questioning God. We make life far too complicating. If we follow our hearts, we follow God. But first we have to let God into our hearts. If we don’t we just have this emptieness inside of us. Allow God into your heart today then you will see that your whole life is about to change for the better.

Dear God,

I pray to You that You will come into my heart and stay there forever. I pray that You will help me to live my life to the fullest and that You will guide my heart towards your Will.



FMC is why I exist!!

FMC is why I exist!!

“Nothing exists that does not owe its existence to God the Creator.”
CCC #338

When I first read this it brought me back to my testimony where I had stated “if God hadn’t called my Dad back to the Catholic Church I never would have converted in the first place.” It’s so true.

It’s also true that if God had never even put me into thought I would not be here. I would not exist!! My very existence is from God’s own existence! Imagine what the world would be like if God did not exist. The world would be nothing, actually it would be beyond nothing! So beyond nothing that the human mind cant even imagine it! I can’t even imagine what the world would be like if I didn’t exist!

We all have some special part in this world. That is why God created us. First to love Him and to serve Him and to Know Him. Second to follow what path He has set out before us. So you see, it all comes back to God!!
Without God there can be nothing!

Each day we need to thank God for our existence. For the days that we have lived and for the days we will live. We owe our existence to one person and one person only and that is GOD!!

Dear God,
Thank You for makeing me a thought for putting me into existence. I owe my life to You Oh, Lord and I place it into Your hands. Allow me to do Your work with the life You have given me. Thank You Father.