My Mission Post for 2014

My Mission Post for 2014

Four days ago I had learned where I will be going for my first year. I was really nervous about opening that letter and discovering where I would be going. Before opening the letter I said a prayer. Then I opened the letter. First I saw the flag, but of course I didn’t recognize the flag. Then looking further down I read one word. ECUADOR. I am going to Ecuador!! I could not believe it. At first I really didn’t know how to react. I mean I didn’t really care where I ended up at, I just wanted God to decide that. And He did. Going further I read who my missions partners were going to be and my leader. Still I just didn’t know how to react. Thoughts and questions just kept popping through my head. What will it be like? Will my partners like me or want me? Will I be happy with them?

Then my whole group got together and now I realize that’s when I really got excited about where I was going. Just the fact that they were happy and excited and loved that I was a part of the group. I know I am going to have a great time with these girls and we are going to have so many great experiences! Now to just finish out this year!

I was able to text my parents where I am going, but I will have to wait to call them after we leave Mexico, which is where we all are now. I am sure they are happy for me, but nervous. I am nervous. But I know that this is where God want’s me to be, so I am in His hands. Other wise He would not have picked it. Ecuador The Jungle! This is going to be one FUN adventure.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You so much for keeping me in your arms. You know what is best for me. You know my future not me. I am blessed to be going to Ecuador, to serve the people there and to spread Your word. My life is in Your hands. I pray that what ever I do and what ever I say the people will see You through me.



God’s Way

God's Way

As some of you may know I am suppose to be in Mexico right now. Well I can tell you this, it did not happen. Yet anyways. I am still in Louisiana. Why? Glad you asked! The day we were leaving which was only three days ago my back started to hurt and I knew immediately what it was, a kidney stone. Going to the ER only confirmed what I already knew. The Doctor said it was small enough to pass (they couldn’t even measure it). So I decided that I would stay for a couple days and then fly to Mexico meeting the others there. I had planned on flying either on Monday or Tuesday, but that isn’t going to happen now. I ended up going back into the ER last night. They didn’t really do anything except give me a stronger pain pill. Now I must wait a few days more. I know I have not passed it yet as I still have pain.

This was most certainly not the way I had things planned, but then again it’s not up to me. It’s all up to God. He knows what is best for me even if I don’t understand or even agree. Or even like it. I sure would rather be in Mexico than here. I miss everyone and it’s rather too quiet. But I know that God has His reasons for me staying behind. I just need to trust Him more and believe that He knows what He is doing.


“EFFORTS MUST ALSO BE MADE TO ENCOURAGE A SENSE OF COMMUNITY WITHIN THE PARISH, above all in the common celebration of the Sunday Mass.”

-Vatican Council II pg 15 par 2

As I am going through and reading the whole Vatican II Documents this is the first thing that stood out to me, especially the part that I had bolded.

Why? Well, I will tell you why. Through FMC I have realized what a great thing it is to be a part of a community. A large community mind you. That sence of bonding and being able to talk to each other about anything. Granted we do have our problems, but we forgive them and forget them. Without this sence of community we would feel lonely and unloved. The world would be very small and unnatural.

This sence of community is also very important in the Church Herself. And for this I will give an example. I may hurt one’s feelings or place guilt in there hearts or make them face the truth, but I feel called to write this.

As I am a poor missionary I am relying on my Home Parish through prayers and/or donations and the sence of community. Granted my parish did help with most of my intake fees, but I am still struggling. I remeber before leaving I held a goodbye party, hardly anyone from my parish showed up. I tried to find monthly doaners, but so far have found no one. Maybe I would have if people had showed up to my party. I praise the Lord for those who did show up because I know that I ment that much to them. Even if it was only for a moment, they still came. I tried to get help through my Priest, but I didn’t get much.

Now I must remind you as I have had to remind myself many times that when we go to Church we are going for God! Not to a Church that has better people, or a better priest, or a better choir. No! We are going for God, The Mass, to recieve Jesus through the Eucharist.

I do strongly believe that we need a better sence of community within the Church. We all have our differences, but that’s what makes us so compatible with each other. You can’t have a band with just a drummer or just a pianist. You need both the drummer and the pianist together. Thats the same with us and the Church. She needs us, we need Her, and we need each other.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bring us all together as one under your love. Let us all praise you together and learn to spread your word to the whole world working as one.