Family is a Blessing

I am home for the holidays with my family. I had not realized how much I missed them while I was gone. I mean I had my phone to call and/or text and then there was Skype on my laptop. And I got to do that every Sunday and on birthdays for my family. Three months was a long time, but a year? That’s what’s next a whole year. A year from everything, not just my family. My friends and my home town too.

I am cherishing every moment of every day that I have here with my family and my friends. I’m calling up all my friends and getting together with them if they can. I’ve already seen two movies with my dad, it’s something we use to do all the time together. We saw the Hobbit part 2 and Thor 2. It was just like old times. My mom and I went out shopping at the mall like we always do. And then lose track of the time only questing the time when my dad calls. And being Trouble 2 towards my little brother since he is Trouble 1. We even have shirts to prove it!

Yep, I’m defiantly going to miss my family, but the way I look at it, at least I will have a something to look forward to after my first year is done. A home, my family, and my friends. So I say BRING ON THAT FIRST YEAR OF MISSIONS! I’M READY FOR YA:) and I am I’m ready!


[My Life]

[My Life]

“No one takes [my life] from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.”
CCC #609

I choice to be a missionary. How? Because I choice to follow God. I have laid my life into His hands and only I can choose to walk out of that embrace.

But I won’t! Why? I have never been this happy in my entire life! That is why. Meeting new people, both the young and the old. Giving talks, though I get really nervous before hand. Hearing the stories that people have to share, especially those about there own lives. And the food!! Eat it, decide if you like it or not, then ask what is!

I am so very greatful God called me to be a missionary! He prepared me for this my whole life. Through my large family, the trials I went through, my convertion, my church, and my All-Time Friends! He knew what He was doing the whole time even though I didn’t, but I trusted Him. This is where that faith, that trust, and that hope got me! Here at FMC as a missionary! And soon to be Ecuador! Keep me in your prayers!

Dear God,

Thank You for being in my life and leading me on the right path. I pray that You will always be with me and help me make the right choices. Please be with those who read this and help them in their lives.