Home Again, home again

Home Again, home again

Sometimes we do try something different, something new and it works out. Other times it doesn’t work out and we have stop and take a step in a different direction. Is it a bad thing? Absolutely not! Trying something different means you are saying YES and willing to take risks.

Well I said YES to God and tried something different. Missionary work. I went through training and started my two years of mission in Ecuador. After about two months My heart and I weren’t in it anymore. I prayed a lot and did a lot of soul searching and seeking answers from God. After all that I decided that it was time for me to go home. So I tried something different and it didn’t work out the way I hoped it would, but I did say YES to God for missions and that was all He needed from me. To say YES. I guess He needed to know that I was willing to do anything for Him. I still am willing to do anything for Him.

Even though I am home that does not mean my missions has to stop. I still plan on going on short term trips as my training will help me a whole lot there. I also plan to do things where I am living. I am not sure what yet, but knowing God something will come along the way. Then there is a job. Of course I will need a job in order to go on short mission trips. I feel called to go on many short trips and live at home with my loving family than to do full time mission work.

I have been at home for three days and am loving it. It’s like I never left. It is nice to be with my family and friends. I feel at peace with my decision and am very happy. I have learned it is important to always say YES to God. You never know where it will lead, but that’s the beauty of it. One adventure right after another.

Dear God,

Thank for all that I have learned on missions. I thank You for bringing me home and for being in my heart. What ever You want me to do I will do. No matter how hard or easy it is. I love you and will always say YES.