Introverts IX

  1. “Introverts treasure the close relationships they have stretched so much to make.”

Adam S. McHugh, Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture


Let’s see, I do know a lot of people and yes I suppose I would consider them friends, but there are only a small handful that I consider what I like to call my ATF’s. ATF stands for All Time Friend. I like much better than BFF, Best Friends Forever. I got it from a good book series I enjoy reading. The Author’s name is Robin Jones Gunn. I have mentioned her before in my previous blog. Since I have only a few I will mention all them…..

v and i

How we met is such a story. This is Vanya. We met at a retreat in Ann Arbor with the Sister of Mary Mother the Eucharist. Our conversation started with both of us realizing that we both had a big fascination with Mother Teresa and wanted to Nuns in her order. Though of course we both changed courses over the years. But that is how we got started. Sadly she is not from MI she is from OH. We would write letters to each other at the beginning and call each other on the weekends. Now we have face book and Skype. I would say Skype is the best. I even got to go an visit her in OH. Now that was a lot of fun. One Summer she was working for her Grandmother who lives in GR, so we got to spend some days together. Vanya is a great friend and even though the lives all the way in OH I will never stop being her friend and I am sure she will say the same thing.

c and i

In this relationship I am the oldest, with Vanya I am the baby. I had actually known Claire’s cousin from the choir I was with. I had first met Claire at my Spanish Tutor’s Spanish Camp. A year later I met her again at the choir. I kept looking at her knowing I had seen her before, but I couldn’t quit figure it out. We started talking and then I remembered the Spanish Camp. She was the first person to get me hooked on Doctor Who and I totally love her for that. We don’t see each other as much as we use to, but we haven’t stopped being friends. We always find something to talk about no matter how long it has been since we last saw each other. Thankfully she does not live in a completely different state. So seeing each other is so much easier.

t and i

Teresa….. Where should I start? lol. Our families are good friends. I remember meeting her first at Mary Free Bed. My little brother and her little sister both had to go there. Though I really remember meeting her at Youth Group. That is where we hit it off. Because of her I really looked forward to going to Youth Group on Sunday. We would talk and talk. We had some good conversations. Spending the New Years with her and her family was a lot fun. We both come from some what large families. Which is partially why we hit off so well. Large families are the best! She lives not to far from GR, but she is in OH for school. But that doesn’t stop us. When she is town I do my best to meet up with her. Usually it’s for breakfast. I miss those days of meeting at Youth Group and having our conversations.


Me, Abi, and Anna. These girls are my sisters. I met them in Missionary training in LA. It first started with Doctor Who, yes Doctor Who! Abi had a Doctor Who DVD on her nightstand and that is how we got started. Though for the first few days I was still a little shy to talk with her, but soon we hit it off. I met Anna through Abi, who are great friends themselves. We did so much together those three months we were with each other! Every Tuesday or Thursday, can’t remember which day it was, her and I and two others would go into the office and watch Doctor Who. We would spend a couple of hours in there. On Wednesday is when we would see Anna at a Faith Formation group. One weekend we had gone to the mall and I got them to go to Hot Topic. We all bought the same Doctor Who shirt, as you can see. We even got new ear piercings that day. Yes, all three of us are Doctor Who fans. Major Who fans!! Every Sunday Abi and I would go to Anna’s house and spend the day with her and her family. We would watch Doctor Who or even go see a move at the theater. I love these girls and Miss them terrible. Anna lives in LA and Abi lives in LA sometimes or in I believe it is Organ, though I could be wrong. I talk to them on face book or we text, but I hope to actually see them in person sometime soon. I love you my dearest sisters and miss you tons!!

n and i

This guy is totally crazy! Totally! But I love him. I also met him in missionary training and believe it or not this is Anna’s older brother. He is so amazing to talk to. He also spent the weekend with us girls. Surprisingly he actually put up with us. I am not sure how he survived. lol. He is a good listener and allows me to rant on and on. That is why I like him. I have always been the one to listen to people, it feels good to have someone really listen to me for a change. He is great guy. He stayed in the mission field. He is in Ecuador. We were both there actually, that is before I came back home. So now I can only talk to him on Mondays. Well if I am on that is. I do miss you buddy. I look forward to those Mondays when we get to talk. I miss him and his whole family. Actually when we were in Mexico his whole family was there for a week. That was one amazing week!


I have three more friends Alex, Kelsey and Tiffany. Alex also is a great guy and good listener. He helps to keep me spiritually in tacked. If I have a religious question he is pretty good at answering it. I have no picture with him, but he is real. Kelsey, well she no longer has a face book so I am not going to post a picture of her on her, but she is a great friend. She is away for college, but we use to spend a couple days out of the week together. We would go to the mall or have a sleep over. Well more like a late night. Our favorite thing to watch was Harry Potter. And CSI: Miami. She got me hooked on it! Though the actors are cheesy. Our favorite place to go is Olga’s! We have deep conversations together, but those are private. Then there is Tiffany, who is actually my cousin, but were are ever so close. We both got so busy with work in the real world we don’t see each other as often. But she lives close.


Those are my friends and even though some are so far I won’t turn my back on them. They are my friends and my family. I love them all and I believe that we are close. I won’t them die out. Though I will admit some have died out. Meaning my friend list was longer, but some people just move on. Not me though, I hate losing people in my life. I am always willing to gain more. Though I am cautious. My advice to you is make friends that matter, that make a difference in your life, and make you into a better person. Mine do. Stand up for them and guide them, treat them as you want them to treat you.