Introverts X

“The most introspective of souls are often those that have been hurt the most.”

Shannon L. Alder


I agree 100 percent.

I started as an only child, but memory does not go that far back. Before I knew it I had an older brother. Then we moved. Later I got two more older brothers and a younger sister. I became an older sister. A few more years had gone by and I became an older sister again. Another boy was added to the family. Six, six of us all together. Over the years it became four. Then three. And now it is two. Two kids at home. I am still an older and younger sister, but one is with me everyday. He stayed and did not walk away. Nor did I walk away. I have one little brother. I will be his blessing and he will be mine.


Lots of friends here and lots of friends there. Time showed they were not all my friends. Some were there because of someone else who was there. Some left without a goodbye which really hurts. Over time words just stopped flowing and seeing each other ceased to happen. Some of them meant a lot to me and others I thought had meant a lot to me, but it was only a lie.

god is good

Because of all these losses I’ve closed off myself more and more as time went on. It wasn’t always intentional, it just happened. The heart can only take so much pain, before it cracks and breaks. I trust God through all of this. I know he has something big in store for me, it’s just the waiting that is sometimes hard to handle.