October 2014

Well October brought a lot of fun…… and a lot of work…..


This little guy here is my little brother. He turned 17 in October. I know I use the word little and he really isn’t little….but to me he always will be.


lol…. here I am actually working believe it or not. Who says you can’t enjoy being outside in the warmth of the sun and work at the same time? I say go for it!

abi and i

I bought flight tickets to go see this girl. It has almost been a year since I last saw here. I not only get to see here, but I get to be in her wedding. It can’t possibly get any better than that. Well….. because of her wedding I have a new dress. Not that I needed one…I’m just saying. She also got me into this writing contest which is way cool.


I also got to drink tea 🙂


And of course I can’t forget God and my prayer life. Can I just say reading the Bible every night as been very productive. I’ve read the Bible once all the way through, but as I am doing it again I feel like I am reading with new eyes. Kind of like from a different perspective. I also think Mary is happy that I am praying her Rosary. Even if it is just two decades a day. A little bit goes a long ways. I think so at least.

AND DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i have converted a friend over)