Introverts XI

  1. “Extroverts want us to have fun, because they assume we want what they want. And sometimes we do. But “fun” itself is a “bright” word, the kind of word that comes with flashing lights and an exclamation point! One of Merriam-Webster’s definitions of “fun” is “violent or excited activity or argument.” The very word makes me want to sit in a dimly lit room with lots of pillows—by myself.”

Laurie A. Helgoe, Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength


On the contrary, the inside of my little brain is a lot of fun and full of crazy imaginary ideas. Of course saying them allowed can sometimes make me sound silly, so typically I keep them to myself or I will write them down. I even have a list of things to do before I die, which I think I have mentioned before. The most craziest thing on that list I can think of right now is one where I said I want to be a companion to the Doctor, meaning I want to be on the show. Of course I have never acted before, but it sure would be totally cool to do. Now tell me is that really boring??

Avengers United

Lets see….this weekend was full of fun things. My dad and I re watched Captain America: Winter Soldier and the newest Transformer movie. And my mom and I stayed up past midnight to finish a move we were watching called 1000 to 1, and we had 8:30 Mass to go to the next morning, but we were too stubborn to finish it. Then the next day after Mass we went shopping and I made out like a bandit. Now that is what I call fun. It may not be with my friends going out and hanging or going to some party, but hanging out with parents is just has fun. Plus making the memories is important to do.


What November Brought Me

November brought around some great fun and a new chapter in my life….


For one it brought snow! I was told that this November was one of our snowiest since like way back. It’s all gone for now, but it is sure to come back. Though I’m not sure I want it to. Of course on Christmas Day I want to have snow. This winter you can not blame me for the snow. Last year I prayed for snow, but this year I did not.


I am going back to school. Didn’t think I would ever say those words. In November I signed up for two classes. Actually I start today. I am a bit nervous, but I think my excitement weighs more than my nervousness. I am starting with my basics at GRCC. I have English from 9 am-12:30 pm and Math from 6 pm-9:30 pm. Totally crazy, but I am determined to get through this.


My best friend and sister came back into town and I am very pleased because now I don’t have to stay home alone. We tried some new things, but they didn’t really work out. I will admit it was an experience. Not one I want to go through with again. I am happy that she is back. I missed her a lot. I converted her over to Doctor Who! I’m getting pretty good at that.


A week before Thanksgiving my dad’s work had a little party. My mom had found this marshmallow in a marshmallow bag. I thought it was really cool and just had to take a picture of it. Of course I couldn’t pass it up and popped it right in my mouth.


Then there was Thanksgiving at my house. We had my Grandma, cousin, and Uncle over. It was small, but it was fun. We had a lot of good food and my favorite, pumpkin pie. As you can tell from the picture. It was funny how all the boys congregated in the living room to watch football and us girls stayed in the kitchen playing games. We played Racko and I won three rounds. We also played Clue which my mom had won. It was a really good day.


We also found out that this little guy is going blind. He also has arthritis in his back paw. He is on medication, but none of us are really sure where it will lead to. If any of it will help. I cherish every moment as he may not be around much longer.