What December Brought Me…..

Well December sure didn’t bring me any work hours or snow, but it did bring whole lot things much better than those two


First I should say that I am going back to school as a college student. Never thought I would be saying those words, school was the one thing I was avoided after I graduated from high school; however, after a lot of running around I have come full circle and start school on Monday the 12th. I am really excited about and to some fast tracking classes I was able to pass into English 101. Math on the other hand is a different story; I have to stay in Math 98 which means it won’t count towards my credits, but because of all the studying I will know more than I did to begin with. I can not wait to start this new chapter. Oh, and books are way too expansive, wish I could start a riot on that!


Straight after the two weeks of school I left for Oregon to be in my best friends wedding. I was honored to be in it as a bridesmaid, but it was also the perfect excuse to see her again. It had been over a year since we last say each other and we became friends. The picture is of Abi and her new husband Grant. I am so happy to say that I now these two!


Two days after coming back from Abi’s wedding my family and I, along with my cousin, left on Christmas day to go to Ohio and spend out vacation in an indoor water park called Kalahari. We have there many times and it is a total blast. We actually left on my birthday the 29th, so my day was spent mostly in a car. The time together was worth it though, after all my dad actually did two body slides. Usually his rides are the hot tube, the bar, and the elevator. Those are his words not mine.


December also brought me my 21st birthday!! I can now officially drink legally. It also brings that my parents can now send me out for groceries as well as alcohol. Kidding…though I did do it once. I don’t mind, but if I am getting it I should also be able to drink it. 

My December sure was busy…..now for January………..