Introvert XIII

“Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe”

Susan Cain

And there she was, in the desert ,

a book in her hands.

Walking among the hot sand,

she dug her toes in beneath feeling the cold.

For hours she walked, breathing in the air,

and saw no one.

Coming across a large boulder,

she slowly made her way to the top.

Standing at the top, she set her book down upon the hard surface

and stood up straight and tall with her arms spread out.

She breathed in that hot air

and sighed heavily with satisfaction.

Yes, she was alone with her thoughts

and she found comfort in that.

Sitting down Indian style,

she found the boulder to have a cold surface.

She opened the book to the last page

and tore it out, she did not like endings, and let the wind take it from her grasp.

Going to the first page,

she hung her legs over the side of the boulder.

As her legs swung back and forth

she started a new journey.

all smiles

“Caramel Practical Determined Builder The color for the month of January is Caramel, Logical and sure-footed, this is a color of substance and determination. After the exuberance of December, we are meth with the practical and down-to -earth month of January. The earth tones in Caramel help us feel stable and responsible. This color encourages us to ground our earthly ambitions through discipline and persistence. Caramel can be used by anyone to help attain goals. Caramel’s essence is similar to that of the earth, which sustains and supports the growth of flowers and trees. It grounds your energy and enables you to stay focused on your objectives. Caramel helps increase patience, tenacity, and endurance-call on this color for any endeavor requiring discipline and self-control.” –Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt


Standing out…

People are always telling me I need to get out more and hang with people. Funny thing is, when I try to put together a group it never works. So I get discouraged and just don’t feel like trying again. Or if I do try its a few weeks later. But when someone else puts together a group it is a success. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes or I am going about it the wrong way.

Well, a week or two ago I was invited by a friend via Face Book to a bible social group. I liked that I was invited to the small group and I was actually excited to go. Yes, it was a lot of fun and I did have a great time. However, I could not help thinking, what does this guy have that I don’t.

A New Beginning

Going into College I was so sure about what I wanted to major in, and later make a career in. However, circumstances would say other wise. I was going to go into Early Childhood Education, as I adore little children I thought it would be a perfect fit. And perhaps it is; however, after talking to my mom and a couple other students who were thinking of the same major as I was, I decided that I needed to change my major. Easier said than done. I met with a couple different counselors to discuss possible options. The hard part is, is that so many things interest me; therefore it is extremely hard to pick just one. So, as I kept looking at colleges and doing different career testings, I found a college that might actually help me pick not one, but two careers to go into. Now I am saying on this on a blog and in two days time this could all easily change. For my sake of being a human, I sure hope not.


The College that I found is, Eastern Michigan University. Some of the majors require a minor, so I decided to take a look at the majors they had. After a tossing things around inside my head and talking in person about the medical field(many people say I will make a great nurse) I think I finally found something. Yes, something medical is involved, but it is not nursing. It is Psychology, but as a minor. My major…creative writing. I love to write, and although I may not be the greatest now, I know that I can be. I love to write in a journal almost every night. In fact I have been writing in journals for so long, I now am writing in number eleven! Totally crazy! Also, I love to read books. Books are my best friends and I am constantly buying them. I buy them faster than I can read them!


With creative writing, I want to become an author. I have a huge imagination and often get lost in it. I often found dreaming a whole lot better than being in the real. I want to put those dreams on to paper. I want people to read them. I want people to feel, the way I feel when I am reading a book, about my books. And know that being a writer is no easy business to get in to, but it is a challenge I want to jump right into. As for Psychology, I like listening to people about there problems and figuring out a way to help them. Although sometimes I can be pretty stubborn and have that I am right, you are wrong attitude. Someday I will get over that…someday. And then later, if I want to, I can go further in my Psychology education.

For now it is a start…a new beginning.