To me, the word doesn’t sound half as scary as a spider being waved about your head. In all actuality it isn’t scary, but it does kind of make for a dull and lonely life. But it is the life of an adult. As my dad says. This word, though, describes how my life as been for the last two weeks. School started for the Fall semester and now all my time is spent either working or attending school and studying. Any down time I do have it’s spent reading a chapter here or there as well as catching up on my latest TV show. If I get ahead, I go for a walk to cool down my brain or maybe, just maybe, go and see a movie.


Getting up at six in the morning makes for a long day; right? You would think so, but all it does is give more time to study and fret over my math class. Though the hard stuff blew over, for now. Studying for my ASL class is a lot of fun, but my eyes do get strained and my fingers start to hurt. However, it is coming more naturally than Spanish. And I tried Spanish three times. Twice in High School and once in Ecuador.


Less time for friends, less time for reading, less time for writing, less time for TV, less time for texting, less time for Skype, less time for phone conversations…that about sums it up. But hey, it’s worth it. I have a 3.689 GPA and I am on the Deans List. Can’t argue with that logic now can I?


What I’ve Read so Far…

I have read so many books, I lost track of the number. So, here are a few that I have read this past month…


My English Professor from the Summer Semester was actually the one to give me this book. I wish I had an actual hard copy of the book, but alas it is only on the kindle thanks to my mouth and my dad’s money. I told my mom about the book and how much I loved it, that she just had to read it. So she is. Anyways…this book takes place in Africa and the States. Its about a woman who started something mega major for the children have that country and changed there lives forever. She gave them something to live for and live by. God. But the way she does it is incredible. Africa has always been my dream place, but now I long to go there all the more. I completely recommend this book. If you are one those people who have a hard to knowing that there is a God because of all this hatred that is going on then read this book. The woman in the book realized that it doesn’t have to be that way. WE just need to get off our asses and do something!


This book is actually part of a four book series. It was my second time reading the series…because its that good. Think Princess and the Frog. Instead of a princess, its an ordinary girl from Organ. And instead of frog, think tiger times two. Both Organ and India locations in the book. Ironically, I have been to both places and my boyfriend is from Organ. In fact I mailed him the book to read. Also one of my best friend’s name is Kelsey and that is the main characters name. There are Dragons, love and romance, mythical creatures, volcanoes, and one unexpected turn right after the other.


I have seen the movies at least twice…that I know of. I fell in love with this book and I saw myself a lot in Anne. For one, we both have red hair. I laugh when Anne did not like her red hair. I get such lovely comments on my red hair. I understand that she did not like being called carrots. My own brothers would give me that name on occasion and I would blow into a fury. If you say it is orange, I will only smile. Some people will know why. She was such a big dreamer and and she never wanted to fully grow up. We are the same in that way. I dream day and night and love being a kid at heart. I will always remain a kid at heart. Age hath no fury.

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First Day Crash Up

Last night I set my alarm for 7 AM. Enough time for me to get ready without having to hurry or feel like I am being rushed. Right? In all I would have to agree, but this morning turned  out to be a nightmare. And I just kept thinking to my self, “I cannot be late on the first day of class.”

I remember waking up and still feeling a little tired (going to bed at ten can do that to you), so I looked at my phone to see what time it was. My eyes shot wide open and I literally jumped out of my bed. It was almost ten to eight. And classes start at 9! I have to get ready, I have to drop my brother off at my dad’s work (and trying to get him to hurry only makes him go slower), and then I have to find parking and walk to class. All in an hour!

First thing I did was call my dad, the guy in my life who is very understanding. He said not to worry about my brother and that he would come and get him. Of course I had already stormed in his room and flipped his light on. Come to think of it, I am surprised he was still asleep. So, I got dressed and skipped breakfast. I checked blackboard and found everything I needed for my ASL class. Of course me being me, I had to print it all out before class started. I like to read the syllabus and such. Though it would have been helpful if my professor had done it a few days ago. I packed a lunch and was out of here.

Now I am trying to find parking. There is none to be found. I find parking just on the other side of Gay street which means a little walk for me and I have twenty minutes to get to class. I decide to wait for the bus. I am praying to God that He will not let me be late for class. And as I am walking up the hill, I take a look at my class schedule and see that my ASL class does not start at 9 AM, but at 9:30 AM. Praise GOD 🙂

Needless to say, I was not late for class, but on time. As for alarm, for some reason the date was set for September second. How crazy is that?! God sure does work in weird ways…after all, God is weird. I don’t know what I would do without Him in my life. I’m just hoping that Thursday isn’t as crazy.