The I don’t do’s of Math

There are a lot of things I don’t do in Math…or at least say that I don’t do in Math. Yes, I know Math is not capitalized, but I feel like doing so.

First off I don’t get Cs on my tests. Wrong…Sadly I did. Second I don’t get Ds on my tests. Wrong…again! However, I do get A’s on my tests. Which I did! On one of them at least. Trust me, I was so pissed off at myself for getting such grades. Not to mention I worked extremely hard, by that I mean I studied at least three hours a day. Sometimes more. To get the result of a C or D after all that hard studying just through me to the edge.

So, after my first D I thought that I was going to have to drop the class. I was able to take one more test before the drop date. That’s when I got an A! And after talking to the professor I realized I was getting in a C in the class. Now, being on the Deans list and my GPA almost a 4.0, I didn’t want to just pass the class; therefore, I brought up to the teach extra credit. And he said there would be. I totally jumped on top of that.


I kept studying and racking my brain on the extra credit assignment. For the extra credit we had to put a power point together on how our major pertains to math. I choice journalism over ASL on that one. Taking my last test I got a C+. Again I was disappointed as I did study really hard…again.

BUT! The professor is going over our grades and how to add them up and such on the last day before exam week. Adding it up, I saw I was getting a C+…ugh. Then again; this girl behind me mentions about those who have perfect attendance and there grade being boosted up a whole letter. You don’t hear me complaining! So, instead of a C+ it’s a B.

However, I go up after class has ended to make sure that I did it all right. Which I didn’t; I added one extra number. After fixing it all up I realized I was getting an A in the class! And I wanted to drop it. HA! After taking the exam I got a B+ in the whole class! I am down with that.

I am now officially done with math classes!