I wonder how many ways there are for me write out poetry as my blog post with out repeating?

“My being is tender waiting to collapse to fall in on itself.”

It sounds like death to me. 

“I’m playing soft music holding my womb rocking back and forth weeping praying dreaming.”

When I first read it I got to music and no further. I instantly thought of all the music I like to listen to, my guitar playing, my piano that is often silent. Then I re-read it and went further to womb. I instantly thought of a mother being with child and the life inside of her that she was making was like making music.  

“Attaching verses to your name don’t make you true.”

I could say I am a vegetarian. Does that make it true. May be… may be not. Well, it doesn’t. I like my meat to much. I could say all things in the world, but it doesn’t mean its true. We have to be careful with the words we say and we have to be able to prove the words we are saying are true. 

“I sang to her she sang to me my body and I.”

Creating life with another is one of the most incredible things that humans can do. It’s creating music.

“I’m wearing these tights.”

Robin Hood: Men in Tights.


“Heart crane hearts crane craned by hearts pieces of hearts pieces of cranes majestic woven hearts and cranes.”


“Sure steady small touch and shivers run down my spine.”

The smallest touch makes me cringe. A touch to my sides will make me squirm as I am very ticklish there.

“Feel my heart flutter at your touch.”

And it does that…1) because I prefer not to be touched, 2) when a certain someone touches me, I know they my heart beats fast because its real.

“Baby joy at spring refreshing my soul.”

Since I can remember I have always wanted a child(a dozen). New life is important. I am Pro-Life. The would cannot go on without those little ones. 


Boyfriend Tagged

  1. Date and location of your birth?: December 29, 1993. Cheboygan, MI.
  2. Favorite place to visit, by this I mean a place you have been to multiple times even if its not often?: Bookstores/Library.
  3. Favorite desert?: Peanut Butter Ice cream eating from the carton. tied with those sugar donuts you get at Chinese restaurants. 
  4. Dream vacation and why? Cruises…Africa; I have always wanted to go to Africa, but there really is not good why.
  5. Favorite Animal?: ALL.
  6. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?: I would want Rogues power. She gets to use every ones. And I can deal with the no touching as I don’t like to be touched. 
  7. Favorite childhood toy?: Polly Pockets .
  8. If you had one villain as an arch enemy who would it be?: Magneto.
  9. If you were stranded on a jungle island with only two of your friends who would they be and why?: My best friends Abi and Anna. It would be just like good old times.
  10. Dream job?: To become an Author of my own books. 
  11. What job would you never do no matter how much you were paid?: A job that involved shooting people.

Once Again I Am Tagged

Untitled drawing (12)

Songs that make me happy: Not to get cheesy or anything, but I would have to go with songs that I like and my boyfriend has on his phone. I love a lot of music, so its hard for me to just pick a few songs. Or even a handful!

Books that make me happy: All the books written by Rick Riordan and Beverly Lewis.

Movies that make me happy: Any kind of movie that I go see with my dad. It’s our way of bonding, by going out and stuffing our faces with pop and popcorn in front of a large flat screen.

Words that make me happy: Words that, no matter how harsh or how nice they are, come directly from the heart.

Scents that make me happy: Burning fire wood, chocolate chips melting, honey, books.

Random things that make me happy: Falling asleep to the rain on my phone, large families, my cat and his belly rubs, my boyfriend(I mean come on, guys are the most random thing God created), sushi.

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