Philippines 2016








Ash Wednesday

“Sure enough

My heart siad

The breeze will

Heal my soul”

So, over the past few days I have been trying to figure out what to do for Lent. Should I give up something or should I do something extra? Normally I have something a few weeks before Lent starts, but this year I had nothing. That is until today, the day Lent starts. I was actually in my bathroom brushing my hair when the idea came to me, but I didn’t exactly like the idea because I love and use it a lot. So, I decided to look up on the internet and get some ideas before I made up my mind. I didn’t like all that I saw and I knew I had already made up my mind. And if I didn’t go with it I would feel guilty all Lent. Therefore, for this Lent I am giving up Netflix. If someone else has it on fine. But I cant turn it on or pick the movie/show to watch. I can only turn it one for my brother. And surprisingly he loves the show Flashpoint, but he likes to call it cops.

“Sure enough

Our hearts were tangled together.”

Tomorrow I leave for the Philippines! I am so excited and can’t wait for the adventure to begin. Yesterday, strangely, I had butterflies all in my stomach. There gone now. I just keep telling myself that I’ve done this a million times over and this is nothing new for me. And it really isn’t. I finished getting all the things I needed. I bought two scrub pants and actually got the last one yesterday at goodwill. I even bought a pair of comfy paint to travel on the plane with. I officially love thrift stores. One just has to be willing to dig and look around. I’m hoping that on my flights I will bumped into one of the other people that is going on this trip. According to the list there will be twelve other people on the last flight. And one lady is from Grand Rapids, however, I don’t know if its MI or a different state.


She said

I’m just trying

To get you to play some.”


8 days and counting

“The chill

Eats my fingertips

Because I 

Don’t have you here with me.”


I have eight days before I leave and walk into whole other world. I am extremely excited and cannot wait until I set foot on Philippine land. I have been looking forward to this for the past couple of months; now its just around the corner. I leave the day after Ash Wednesday. I am grateful I get to spend that day with my family.


One thing I am looking forward to is the reading I get to do on the long flights and stays at the airports. I miss that I can’t read as much as I used too. But the flights will give me some down time and allow me to collect my thoughts and not worry about anything. I am a little nervous as I will no one and I will be flying completely by myself. To India I sort of new a couple people. I fly by myself all the time, but that”s usually in the states. This is going to be one cool adventure. I will keep you posted….

“Lets share

My lips.”

Ketchup …


I realized early this morning that I have not made a blog post in awhile. So I have some catching up to do, aka ketchup. “Hold My Heart” is a song I was listening to before going into Mass this morning. Things are a little stressful right now, so I found this song comforting.

In 10 days I leave for the Philippians to go on a medical mission trip with Helping Hands Medical Missions. I got my t-shirt yesterday in the mail, I can’t wait to wear it! I already have my ticket and over the past week I have been purchasing the odds and ends I need to bring with me. Just on Sunday I bought some small toys to bring along with me. I am hoping to cram all this stuff, including my clothes, in to one semi-large backpack and carry it on the plane with me. This particular backpack got me through Ecuador, so its a very trusty backpack. Today I went to the bank to exchange currencies. It should come withing 1-3 business days, so before the week is out. I never did this before. Going to India, the dad I was with took care of it and in Ecuador they take American money, so it wasn’t an issue there.


“They tried 

To break us down

But we stood tall.”

On Sunday my family and I went to Holy Family to check out the Mother Teresa exhibit. It was nice. Looking at the pictures, I could actually say, “I’ve been there.” Mother Teresa’s tomb, the Mother House, and India in general. It was nice listening to the speakers, but they intended to drawl on. I hope someday to go back to India. I still have the two shirts I bought from there and I do wear them.

“They kissed my mouth


We’ll forgive you someday.”

This semester I am taking Political Science: Survey of Government History. Talk about way over my head. Some things I get and others I am just like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! I am not a political person and intend to avoid as much as possible. Its just not my thing. I like fairy tales and Greek mythology, not history. Granted I do like going to a museum and looking at all the old artifacts and reading about them, but that’s not politics. Plus the book is like just all over the place. First it talks about the past then it talks about the present. First it talks about the 1700’s and then it talks about the 1600’s. Who does that?! Obama, Bush, and Edward Snowden are already mentioned this book. I would love to know how the government was built and why, and how it works. Its more about political times of now, not historical political history.


We siad

Have a taste of me

It wont hurt too much.”


Lately I have been watching Merlin, Hawaii Five O and Psyche. Occasional Blue Bloods. That when I have time. Just this one subject takes up a lot of my time. I am currently reading Little Women and the 7th book to the 39 Clues. Both are really good. I like comparing Little Women to the movie. They actually did a good job. Only one thing, in the movie there ages seemed older than in the book, just by the look of them. Amy was really the only as two different actress played her. A link to the movie I am referring to.

Whats new with you? What books are you reading now? What have you been watching lately?