Story T1me

Legend has it that when a person uses the knocker, that person is never seen again. Nevertheless, their cry can be heard when the winds are blowing. Others say that the person is seen again, but only if you look through the window of the old house. Some say that person is forgotten over time, just a figment of the imagination. Of course none of this is true. True, there is a knocker and no ordinary one at that. How do I know this you ask? Well I will tell you, but in order for me to tell you mine, I have to tell you his. It’s the only way it will work. After all he was the first one to use the knocker.


It was the dead of night and all was quiet. Peeking out the window, the young boy looked down and waited. Minutes went by before a guard strolled past. When the guard was gone and out of sight, the young boy let down a long think rope. He carefully climbed over the edge of his window with a firm grip on the rope. He twisted himself and began to lower his body. He placed his feet firmly on the wall of the tower and climbed his way down. The moment his feet touched the wet grass, he let go and ran off, heading towards the stables. With no light, he slowly made his way to a stable containing a chalk white horse with a black main and tail. The gate opened with a slight creak. The young boy, dressed in black pants and a white top, hopped onto the horse. “Run Ravis! Run!” The horse reared with no noise and dashed out of the stables. The pair headed straight for the woods with a guard hot on their heels. “Stop! Stop! Sound the alarms!” But it was too late. The darkness had swallowed the two, never to been seen again. 


“Morgan.” The sun was not yet rising on the yellow painted house, but the woman of the house was ready to face the day. “Morgan!” Upstairs, tucked in her twin size bed was a black haired girl of fourteen who was not ready to face the day. “Morgan!”, the woman shouted from the kitchen to no avail. She soon knew this and made her way up the white carpeted stairs in her black witched heels. “Morgan! Don’t make me come in there.” Rolling over in her bed, Morgan was beginning to wake up. “I’m up.”, she said in a groggy tone. The woman walked in and sat on the edge of Morgan’s bed. She picked up a purple fuzzy pillow and began plucking at the fuzz. “Mom, the suns not even up yet.” The woman, the mom, bent over to give her daughter a kiss on the top of her head. “I know honey, but I have to be into work early. It’s my first day you know; I need to make a good first impression. And I wanted to see you before you started your first day of school.” The two were now sitting up and looking at each other. “Geeze, thanks mom. Just had to remind me. Now I’m going to be nervous.”, Morgan said in a dry sarcastic tone. Silence hung in the air before they giggled. Morgan was one of those girls who didn’t do nervous. She got that from her mom. As a lawyer, her mother, Cathy, is not afraid to speak in public or say what’s on her mind. Her black hair though, that was from her dad. She did not have her mom’s red hair.

Morgan’s dad had walked out on the family when she was four years old. Cathy didn’t like to talk about him, so Morgan didn’t know much about him. The only thing she had was a picture of him inside her golden heart locket. The locket was made of real gold that her mother had gotten for her on her tenth birthday. Cathy worked as a lawyer and was often gone during the school hours. Morgan was fourteen, but she was a sophomore in high school and taking two online college courses. The mom and daughter team were inseparable and the best of friends, so when Cathy’s work relocated her from Chicago to the small town area of Colorado, Morgan made no objections. Why should she, she had no friends except her mother.


The horse and boy, the boy and horse, they were deep into the forest. Back at the castle the bell alarms were sounding. The King had arisen from his bed, putting on a robe to cover his pajamas. The Queen stayed in her chambers, looking out the window for any sign of the boy. Or the horse. The King was furious, but the Queen was worried. She knew of something that no one else knew of. She knew of a particular house in the forest and she only prayed that the boy didn’t end up anywhere near there. If he did he surly would not come back. The Queen knew of this house before anyone because she had helped the Warlock to build it.

            She was forced to, you see, as the Warlock was her father. You see, the Queen’s mother had been killed by villagers for being a witch, though she was no powerful witch in the least. Her powers were more of healing and growth than destruction. But that didn’t matter to the villagers. So they had her drowned in the river. However, the Warlock is very powerful. He became furious and wished to do evil on the land. But the Queen begged him not too. Therefore, he tricked her into building a house, a house for them to live in together. She had no idea of her father’s intentions. But when the door shut, with him in it and her out, she walked up to knock on the golden knocker. “NO! Daughter you mustn’t. If you do you will be cursed!” The Queen was frightened that night and all other nights after.


Morgan made it to school twenty minutes before the first bell was to ring. She came dressed in red short overalls with a black long sleeve underneath. She wore her black knock off toms and, as accustomed, she had a few red streaks in her hair. Morgan had already gotten her locker number and key in the mail as well as her class schedule, so she went to her locker to get the books she needed for her first two classes. She had Physics with Mr. Walker and Geometry with Mr. Clay. This school was supposed to be designed for honor roll type students, she could only hope that was true. Morgan was just so tired of going to schools that were too easy for her.

Morgan climbed the stairs to the second floor for her first class. Walking in, she found it completely empty. She took a seat in the front row. She laid out her books and her colored pens. She never wrote in pencil, she preferred colored ink. Her class was to start twenty minutes after eight. She had just ten minutes. Still no one was in the room. Then he walked in. His green eyes shone out like gems. His black hair just barely touched his shoulders. He had on a black T-shirt and jeans and wore black sneakers. His skin was white. Whiter than Morgan had ever seen on anybody. He brushed past her and took a seat at the back of the classroom. Slowly the class trickled in. When the roll call was made, Morgan made sure to catch his name. Alec. Morgan was going to make sure she got to know this Alec.


The Queen pleaded with her father to let her in, but he refused. Then he told her the secret of the golden knocker. Anyone who was to use the knocker would be able to open the door, never allowed to leave. There was more and the Queen knew this, but the Warlock would not tell her. The Queen stayed for two days before leaving. She said no goodbye and left empty handed. After all everything she owned was inside that cursed house.

She found a small house in the local village to move into. Of course no one knew that she was the so called witches daughter. At sixteen no one questioned her for living on her own. Summers went by and with each brought a trip to the house. No reply came from inside, but she knew it was empty all but her father. For now, at least. Over time the fear become the size of a pea in the bottom of her stomach, so small she hardly knew it was there.

As a job, she began dying fabrics and making dresses and shirts. Her clothing style was brought before the royal family and the Queen was brought in as the personal cloth maker for the royal family. She had a room large enough to fit at least a dozen people and the bed could fit at least seven of her. She became fast friends with the two daughters. The boy, the soon be King, caught her eye. As she grew older, they spent more time together. At first in secret and later in public. When it was time for the boy to be crowned King, he asked the Queen to marry him. Two weeks after the King’s carination the two were wed.

But now she wonders, should she have married? If she had not, the boy would not be in the woods. He would not be on the run. He would not be mad. He would not exist. Would the Warlock know? Would the Warlock know who the boy is to him? If he did, would he have pity? Truly he would not and that is what the Queen feared.


Morgan made it through her morning classes just fine. She was already the teacher’s pet, but she was okay with that. Keeping up her grades was too important to her than to worry about the nagging of other students. She grabbed her lunch from her locker and went to the cafeteria for lunch. She saw a chess game going on between a few boys and decided to go check it out. She plopped down next to a boy in a blue and white striped shirt and blue plaid shorts. The game went on for another ten minutes before it ended. The two boys looked up and the one across from her asked if she wanted to play. “Sure! I love chess.” That’s cool.”, said the blue boy as Morgan nicknamed him. “How did you learn?” Morgan took her Turkey sandwich from her brown paper bag and positioned herself in front of the board. “From books. And the internet. I was the president of the chess club at my old school.” So Morgan and blue boy began playing a game of chess, not knowing that Alec was watching from the table next to theirs.

Alec admired Morgan, he had too. He was impressed with her courage to walk up to a table of strangers and just sit down and invite herself into their game. Being quiet and conservative, he usually sat alone. That is until one of the girls would come and sit with him trying to get him to talk and go out with her. He hated this fact, he was not a flirt nor did he care to date or go out with anyone. But Morgan, something about her caught his eye. He could only hope they had the rest of their classes together.


            Breathing hard, the boy jumped off his horse and ran up to the house. Leaning against the door, he slid down and fell asleep waiting for the sun to come back. The boy awoke with a start as Ravis gave a few neighs. Looking around, the boy saw where he was. Instead of a small cabin as he had thought he was in front a large wooden house built by hands. Standing up he noticed the knocker. He hesitated before grasper the golden knocker. It was a moment before the door swung open. The boy saw no one, so he proceeded to step in. Once he was passed the door, the door swung shut behind him. On its own.

            Outside, the horse was grazing the grass. Every now and then he was glance at the door, waiting for his rider to come out. But he never did. The loyal creature that he was, he stayed. And he stayed, and he stayed.


Morgan locked her books inside her locker and headed for the doors. “Hey, don’t you think you should keep those?” Morgan turned around and saw three girls. The one who spoke was a tall brunet with brown eyes.  Morgan just shrugged and walked on. “You’re in my German class, aren’t you?” Morgan stopped. “Yes, I am.” Turning around she looked the girl right in the eyes, “But I don’t need the book. I already know German.” Smiling she was looked at all three girls and said, “Mein Name ist Morgan. Ich lernte Deutsh, als ich neun Jahre alt war.” Then she walked outside.

Without her even knowing, Alec followed Morgan to her house. As she walked in, Alec walked past and stood at the corner. He waited, not sure what to do. “Should I knock on the door? Should I just keep walking past until she sees me?” He stood there so lost in thought he didn’t see Morgan coming up. “Hey there. You’re Alec aren’t you.” With shock, Alec spun around. “Oh, uh, hi. Yeah, I’m Alec. You’re Morgan aren’t you?” Morgan nodded, “Want to come in.”, She pointed at her house. The front door was still open. “My mom will be home in an hour. You can stay for dinner if you want. It’s up to you.” She walked off and went back inside. When Alec walked up he saw the door still open. Walking in, he found Morgan in the Kitchen on the phone.

“So you decided to come in. Do you have homework to do? I finished mine, so I could help.” “Oh, well, I did mine to. Thankfully I didn’t have any Italian homework.” Morgan smiled, “You speak Italian too? I learned it when I was seven years old.” Alec shrugged, “No, not really. I’m afraid I’m not very good in learning new languages.” “Hey, I could always help! It would be fun. We have Physics together don’t we?” Alec nodded. “So, who was that on the phone?” “Oh, that was my mom. She’s picking up the makings for Sushi. That’s what we’re going to make for dinner. Want to stay?” “Sure, but I’ve never made Sushi. Guess you will have to teach me that too.”


            The boy walked in and around him was all darkness. His eyes slowly adjusted to the point that he could see a few feet in front of him. Walking in to a large study room, the boy saw a man sitting in a clothed chair. The man looked up at him and grinned. It was an evil sickening grin. “Do not worry my boy, I will do you no harm. However, you cannot leave this place. For all of eternity you will live here with no chances of escape. For anyone who enters here cannot leave. Looking in the windows, they will only see emptiness. No matter how loud your cry and yell no one will hear you.” The boy panicked and ran for the door. He tried pushing, but it would not budge. There was no handle to pull on. He banged and yelled. But it was of no use.

            However, there was one that could hear. One that could see through the windows and see the truth. Ravis. Being a horse, he could only stand there and eat the grass.  


“In all things and above all things…”

Movies: Recently, or in the past two or three weeks recently, I watched some movies that I had never seen before. I had heard of them, but I just had not seen them. I know, I know, I’m way behind in times. HaHA.

Lets see, Back to the Future, both one and two. I actually liked them and found them rather funny. Doc, I would have to say was my favorite character. Now I just need to watch the third one. Lets see, I will watch a year from now? HaHa.

Northpole 2 is another one that I watched. It was good for what it was. I love Bailey Madison as an actor. I follow her on Instagram. She just seems like a bundle of joy and always happy. I do want to see the first one, but I have not spotted it yet at the library. That is where I found the second one.

Can  you say Molly Ringwald?! I watched Sixteen Candles for the first time all the way through. I had seen bits and pieces here and there, but never all the way through. I liked it, but Pretty in Pink is still my favorite.



Just two more episodes left. I actually liked it. I find this scene rather funny and just can’t help laughing at it. Thanks to Bubbles I know of a website I can go to and finish watching it. I had to return the movie back to the library and a day late I might add.


An old show I know, but I thought I would give it a try. For a while I did stop watching it, but my desire to see how it ends took over. Plus Netflix put on more of its shows. And really for it’s time it is not that bad. I’m going to finish it.

School: School is coming to an end. I have this Tuesday and next then I am all done. And really next Tuesday I do not even have to show up. I just have to take the test on blackboard and then I am all done. So far I am getting an A- in Political Science. So I cannot complain at all. Last week I had to turn in my research paper which I did on the Women’s Suffrage. I am a little nervous about my grade. But I worked hard and I would have to say that it is one of my better pieces of work. My grandmother looked it over and said that my writing has improved. She is part of some writing club, so she knows a lot about commas and all that. Actually I am not that bad when it comes to commas. I might over use them a little, but some teachers like lots of commas. I had one once. Well, tomorrow I should know what my grade is. Or today if my Professor posts it on blackboard. He is a tough teacher which is mostly why I am nervous. I just hope he actually reads my paper and not just the first page. Do professors do that?


Christi Bell

5 stars!

“You laugh too freely. You laugh when you need to cry. You walk off and disappear when you need to be paid attention to. You make jokes when what you really need is a compassionate ear.” –Goggle-Man.

“We can send men to the moon, we can build jet planes that fly a thousand miles an hour. We are able to blow up our own planet, but we can’t do much for our mentally ill but pack them full of drugs?” –Goggle-Man.

“What you can imagine, you can do.”

“Brent once told me he felt if the media portrayed the world more as it should be instead of the way it’s become, then the world would become more the way it should be.” –Brent/Christi


Words can Speak


“…nor pass over anything to make things easier for ourselves.” –St. Therese



“Help us to deny ourselves today, and not deny those in need.” –Shorter Christian Prayer



“That which we need more than anything else…is the humility of heart, and you cannot believe you possess it until you are willing to let everybody order you about.” –St. Therese

“To me humility is truth.” –St. Therese



“In all things and above all things hold on to your goodwill…” –St. Therese

“My little method consists in this-rejoicing always and continually smiling-in times of defeat as well as victory.” –St. Therese


Book Chat

Something other than Book Review


The Case of Lisandra P.

by Hélène Grémillon, Alison Anderson (Goodreads Author) (Translation)
Buenos Aires, 1987. When a beautiful young woman named Lisandra is found dead at the foot of a six-story building, her husband, a psychoanalyst, is immediately arrested for her murder. Convinced of Vittorio’s innocence, one of his patients, Eva Maria, is drawn into the investigation seemingly by chance. As she combs through secret recordings of Vittorio’s therapy sessions in search of the killer—could it be the powerful government figure? the jealous woman? the musician who’s lost his reason to live?—Eva Maria must confront her most painful memories, and some of the darkest moments in Argentinian history.

In breathless prose that captures the desperate spinning of a frantic mind, Hélène Grémillon blurs the lines of past and present, personal and political, reality and paranoia in this daring and compulsively readable novel.

On Goodreads I rated the  book three stars, though I did want to rate it 3.5 stars. I couldn’t figure out to do that, so I just gave it a three. I really did not know what to expect when I pulled it off the shelf at the library and started reading it at home. I did like despite the low rating. And I don’t normally rate things that low. There were just a couple of things withing the pages that I didn’t care for.
The first was they would refer to the sexual intercourse. “Fucking”. That was the word that was used and I just got tired of reading that word over and over again. Especially when the seen was on Lisandra. I just feel like a different word could have been used. Sex would have be sufficient enough. Which brings me to the second thing. I did not like it when Fransisco gave the whole affair details with Lisandra. First, because I thought she was all innocent, but she wasn’t which disappointed me and second, it was way too much information. I read the gist of it, but skimmed trough it. I like Lisandra’s character when she was refereed to and talked about, but I didn’t like the part(s) where she was speaking. She gave the woe is me about her husband. Granted he did cheat her in the end. She just gave too much detail and after a couple pages I had just had to skip past that part. Who knew there were so many ways for woman to to say her husband is cheating on her! She really did like that F word though. Seriously, I skipped like ten pages. I think the book could have gone without these big details and condensed them. I know I would have been okay with that. I get it some people can read through that, but I’m not that person.
I wont be buying the book now, but I do recommend reading it. Just skip those parts if you want. There is no wrong with that.

Random Act on a Thursday

Spending my family’s Spring break at Kalahari in Ohio as I did not get one during my spring break.

A tradition for us when we go play, yes play, in the arcade is win a bunch of tickets, but instead of keeping them we give them away. We don’t just give them to anyone, we scout the place out good before selecting a candidate. More times than not that candidate is a child.

Today we picked out the cutest blond bomb headed girl. She was no older than six years old. When we first saw her she was playing a game and won thirty tickets. She was just so excited over that win. “Yay, yay!” She kept saying as she jumped up in down. We decided to keep looking, but we could not find someone else and that little girl was on the front of all our brains. So we went to  go and find the girl and her mom. My parents talked to the curly blond haired mom first. She was just like no, no you don’t have to do that. But we insisted and really, who is going to argue with us? No one. So, my dad takes the tickets and plop! They are right in front of the little girl who is playing on the key board game. “These are for you. There yours now.” My dad says. “Thanks, thank you.” She says twice over each time with more enthusiasm. Then she gets up, “Yay! Yay!” She keeps saying and jumping up and down. We all just laugh and smile.

We walk off. I look back and see the little girl waving the tickets in her mom’s face as she jumps up and down. The mom looks up with a smile and waves. I wave back then look forward.

Abi’s Poetry

“I’m not dark

Just too dark

For you.”


“Working inside

To outside

Or is it

Outside, inside?”

“She had strong legs

You could see them

Bare beneath the sheets.”


“The darkest ones

Where more friendly

Than I thought.”

“That girl

I’m not her anymore

We all change

In a minute


Forever gone.”