A Fun Filled Couple of Days

My weekend was on of the best weekends I have had in a long time!

Saturday I had stayed at home and got caught up on my reading. And watching Psych. I am finally on Season 7 and only four episodes away from finishing it. I was only doing this till kill time before leaving to go to Confession. I like to go see Fr. Tony in Rockford. My whole family does. But this time it was only me. Our days don’t always work together. So, I went to Confession. Afterwards, a couple girlfriends of mine, Katie and Kelsey had gone out to go see a movie and get some food to eat. Of course were all like lets going somewhere cheap. So, we ended up at Woodland for “London Has Fallen” and the food court for a late dinner. It was really nice to get caught up with my girls. It had been a while since I saw either of them. With school and work were are all busy. Oh, and boyfriends too. Well that is for those that aren’t single (I’m the single one ;)). But hey, I got left overs from the Chinese restaurant I went to. The way to my heart is through food.


Today I went to Mass with my family. Starting your day with Mass can always make out for an even greater day. Especially with one’s family. Of Course I had to go home right away and get my bag and the key to my dad’s car. I had to be at work 10 AM. I didn’t even get a chance to eat since a couple people stopped me to say hi. I did get to give my dog his meds though. I went all dressed up too. I was at work until 5 PM and thankfully my relief showed up on time. I left to go pick up my friend Claire. We got some food from Olga’s Kitchen in Gas Light Village. Really all we wanted was their bread and their Snackers. We also got some ice cream from Jersey Junction. I had not been there in  years. Seriously. I hardly go there. It was nice to see her too. I have not meant someone who was so excited about school and happy with there place in it. I am really happy for her. I hope I can be that happy once things get started for me. Oh, and she gave me the idea to dye my tips. I was thinking purple. What do you think? I need the advise here, seeing as I have never done such a thing.

Peace out!


Sleep in Saturday


I have such a heart for these special people, so naturally I fell in love with the movie. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it before, but I never got the chance to watch it from beginning to end. When dad has the remote the channels intend to be switched often. I though Cuba did an excellent job in playing his part. One might thing it is easy to play such a part, but I don’t think so seeing as I work with those special people. 

















“I CAN wade Grief –

Whole Pools of it –

I’m used to that –

But the least push of Joy

Breaks up my feet –

And I tip – drunken –

Let no Pebble – smile –

‘Twas the New Liquor –

That as all!


Power is only Pain –

Stranded, thro’ Discipline,

Till Weights – will hang –

Give Balm – to Giants –

And they’ll wilt, like Men –

Give Himmaleh –

They’ll Carry – Him!”

Emily Dickinson 1861

A Sunny Day for Poetry

“How many times these low feet

staggered –

Only the soldered mouth can tell –

Try – can you stir the awful rivet –

Try – can you lift the hasps of steel!

Stroke the cool forehead – hot so often –

Lift – if you care – the listless hair –

Handles the adamantine fingers

Never a thimble – more – shall wear –

Buzz the dull flies – on the chamber

window –

Brave – shines the sun through the

freckled pane –

Fearless – the cobweb swings from

the ceiling –

Indolent Housewife – in Daisies – lain!”

Emily Dickinson 1860

Maggie-Smith-In-Harry-Potter-And-The-Deathly-Hallows-Part-2“I SHALL know why – when Time is

over –

And I have ceased to wounder why –

Christ will explain each separate anguish

In the fair schoolroom of the sky –

He will tell me what “Peter” promised –

And I – for wounder at his woe –

I shall forget the drop of Anguish

That scalds me now – that scalds me now.”

Emily Dickinson 1860

“SHOULD you but fail at – Sea –

In sight of me –

Or doomed lie –

Next Sun – to die –

Or rap – at Paradise – unheard

I’d harass God

until he let you in!”

Emily Dickinson 1861

Awake, But Not Awake

I must say, I am jealous of this young women. I know, I have been to other countries myself, but her experience must have been amazing. This was a documentary on Netflix. If your into documentaries I suggest watching it. 

It was just a B movie on Netflix. A little gory in parts. What didn’t know before watching it was that the main character was deaf. She started using signs. I was just like “What! Is she deaf?” And she was. Then there was a scene where she got hurt and I was like “Why isn’t she screaming. Being deaf doesn’t mean you can’t scream.” Turns out she was deaf and mute. 




“Will there really be a “Morning”?

Is there such a thing as “Day”?

Could I see it from the mountains

If I were as tall as they?


Has it feet like Water lilies?

Has it feathers like a Bird?

It it brought from famous countries

Of which I have never heard?


Oh some Scholar! Oh some Sailor!

Oh some Wise Man from the skies!

Please to tell a little Pilgrim

Where the place called “Morning” lies!”

Emily Dickinson 1859

“To me humility is truth”

“Oh, Lord, Thou knowest well that I love Thee…but have pity on me for I am a sinner.”


“Like Sunday Like Rain” a movie. I mostly watched this movie because of the female actress. She had played in a movie called “Hangman’s Curse”. The book was written by Frank Peretti. I think I spelled that right. On Netflix I gave it four stars.

I watched two of Nicholas Spark’s movies: “The Longest Ride”. I cried when the old man died. And “Charlie St. Cloud”. I have the book, but I haven’t read it yet. I bought it a few weeks ago at my church’s garage sale.


According to good reads I have read 22 books which is 44% of my goal with the idea to read 50 books this year. Currently I am reading: “Christy Miller Collection Volume 1” by Robin Jones Gunn, “Catechism of the Catholic Church” by Pope John Paul II, “A Lady of Expectations” by Stephanie Laurens, “The Pocket” by Emily Dickinson, and “My Sister Saint Therese” by Celine Martin. So happy readings!

“A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!

Your prayers, oh Passer by!

From such a Common ball as this

Might date a Victory!

From marshallings as simple

The flags of nations swang.

Steady-my soul: What issues

Upon thine arrow hang!”

Emily Dickinson 1858