With there black gloves and ski masks

They walked into the store and let the bullets fire.


The woman took the silver gleaming knife

And thrust into his stomach with anger and hatred.


Within the red car the teenagers sat

And when the signal came they ran the car

Straight through the black thick doors of the Church.


He walked onto the subway train like any other day

Only he had a red vest on, not a blue one

Not the blue one he always wore,

And with his thumb on the red button

he released it with a BOOM.


She walked into the school with a rope as a belt

She walked too room 203 and waited as the children came out

She walked in and to his surprise tied the rope around him.


The gun let loose the bullets, but they chose to pull the trigger.

The knife made the wound, but she chose to let the anger and hatred drive her.

The care made the damage, but the teenagers chose to follow through.

The trigger caused the bomb to go off, but he chose to release his thumb.

The rope caused the pain, but she chose to cause it.

So many faces for one man.

His features changed, but he still has emotions.

His heart changed physically, but he still has love to share.

His lips changed shape, but he still smiles wide as ever.

His laugh sounds different, but it still makes you want to laugh.

Though his appearances keep changing he will always be there with you.

Like a tornado so thick and black

the anger swarmed within her.

Any chances of the anger leaving

was of no doubts possible.

Betrayed and hurt the anger was sucked into her

like a swarm of bees sucking pollen from a flower.

in the wind i blew to and throw 

i bounced off the windows of cars.

i fell upon the ground

only to be tossed up high.

i landed upon the pavement

only to be trampled upon by wheels and feet.

i no longer have color and along the way i lost my stem.

i have a whole or two within my skin.

by the end of the day i was tired

and laid my head upon the grass.

gently i was picked up and placed between the pages of a book.

there i slept for an eternity.