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Nice, France

I am in no position to say what one should do in such a crises (not that anyone is really going to read this), but I just have stuff on my mind that I feel like I should share, need to share. In any kind of crises, its best not to panic. Take in your surroundings before you run or do anything. You don’t want to run in the wrong direction. Of course it’s hard to remind one’s self of this when a truck is coming at you and guns are firing. And, like in the next clip I do believe, get in a building if you can and hid.

I just want to know how many more bodies (dead, injured physically and/or emotionally), is it going to take before something is done. Terrorist attack or no terrorist attack, we have a right to live and a right to defend ourselves.

I watched this last night on the news, I’m sure plenty of other people did to, but in case you didn’t I recommend watching Trump’s interview. He’s right this is a war, but we’re just letting it happen instead of doing something about it. We don’t know who or where is going to be hit next. It could be my town or it could be your town. It’s time to do something. We can’t wait five months until the next President is elected. A whole country could be wiped out by then.

Something I found intriguing in the interview was the amount of refugees coming into the States. 60% are children. Children are the easiest to corrupt, especially from a young age. If raised there whole life trained to handle a gun, make bombs, and kill people they’ll do it. Its all they know. There hard wired to do so. They know no other life.

Trump’s right, in my eyes, it’s time to declare war back because this is war. It mine as well be called World War III.

Note: I am no politician in the least and don’t much care for politics, but I do care for my Country and any person that is in need. It’s time for all people to stand up and fight back.