3 AM

It’s 3 AM in the morning and I’m writing out a blog post. Can’t get any better than this right? Actually I wouldn’t even be up right now, but as it is I am working a third shift. But hey!, I get to watch Netflix. I finally finished the 4th season of “Leverage”, just one more to go. I think my coworker is getting annoyed with me watching the same show. So my goal is to finish the fifth season before next Friday. Right now I am watching “London has Fallen”. I just can’t get enough of this movie. I was surprised to see it on Netflix.


My boyfriend and I are watching Doctor Who together. Were still on season 1, but were nearly finished. Thankfully I don’t have to to convert him. I’m excited for Sunday! I’m driving up to his place after Mass. Which, thankfully, this Sunday I get to sing at 8:30 AM Mass. I am like the only one that likes singing at the early morning Mass. Seriously I will literally pump my fist in the air, alas I am alone in this fist pumping.


My first Astronomy test went okay. I got a C+. I wont know what I got wrong until class on Monday. I think the class is hard, so does another kid in my class. We both agree its hard study for it since there is now study guide of any kind. And there is a lot of information! My memory is not that good! I was the kid who had to study spelling words a dozen times each! Today was lab day, but we went to the Planetarium. The first video was cool though my neck started to hurt near the end of it. The second one the dude was speaking and I was starting to fall asleep. Hello! A nice voice and a dark room plus I’d been up since 6 AM, yeah I’m gonna fall asleep.

So that’s my life…the stress level went up this week. And I think I’m stuck in a depressed stage. My grandma has cancer and there is nothing we can do, but give it time. My sister’s birthday was the 21st. I wished her a happy birthday, but well things are complicated. I got a low score on my test. Schools bugging me out. And someone I knew died. At least I get to see my shrink on Tuesday.

Oh the things that come at 3 AM…




Its left

its right

its behind

its in front

its above

its below

its outside of you

its inside of you

it comes

it goes

yet it always there.


Life so far

Well, this is the second week of school. The first week went pretty well. My first lab day in Astronomy didn’t go so well, but I’m more prepared for this next one. My sociology class is pretty laid back so far. I can only hope that it stays that way.

I’ve been keeping up on my show “Leverage” though Netflix. I’m on season 4 and there are 5 all together. It’s ended I’m just behind on it. I’m also watching “Silver Spoon” by request of my bf. It’s not in English, so I can watch only a couple at a time. It gets tiring to read the subtitles after awhile.

I’ve been keeping up with my guitar and my reading. I am lacking in my writing though. It’s sad I know. I should try to do it when I’m working my thirds. Which is like every Friday of this month. Just this month. But hey, at least its only once a week.

Been seeing my shrink. That’s news to some people. It’s been good for me. And when I say shrink I don’t mean it in a negative sense, I just like the word.

Here’s to the end of Summer.