Test today

Prayed the rosary on my bike ride to school…feeling like I’m gonna be sick!
Dreading this! But need to get it done!


Test tomorrow!

Prayers and best wishes please! I have a test in astronomy tomorrow and I really want to do well. Not to mention I need to do well. 

Sincerely MEπŸ“šβœ

October 1st

Last night/today was my last third shift. I’m actually really grateful. Soon I’ll have my weekends back. I’ll still work Saturdays, but only second shift which means I can sleep in and get things done before going to work.

The cooler weather is upon us! I’m sure gonna miss the shorts and t-shirts. And the heat and the hot sun. Though sweaters and jeans aren’t terrible, but now I just have to wear dresses with leggings.

School is going okay. Getting a B in Astronomy. The class is tough. I even asked for my professor to have a study guide for the up coming test. But she said she doesn’t have the time to make up one. Though if I come up with one she would be willing to look it over with me. How does that add up? Oh well, I’m studying my ass off (excuse my bad tongue) for this next test. Which is the second week of October.

Still watching “Leverage”, so I probably annoyed my coworker again. Until I put on “Clueless”. It was okay. I prefer “Legally Blond”. I’m on episode 11 out of 15 on the last season of ‘Leverage”. Up next? To finish “Merlin”. I finished the first season a while ago, so its only proper to finally finish. My boyfriend and I finished the first season of “Doctor Who” with Christopher Eccleston. Can’t wait to start Season 2! David Tenant!!