Good Morning Monday

Can I go back to bed?

That’s really all I have to say! That and coffee. I’m gonna need it today! I have classes to attend, of course that’s after my drive. My current audio book is “Harry Potter and the Sorcery’s Stone”. Tonight is another Silent Dinner, but this time we get to go to Denny’s. I don’t even know what they have for food. Anyways, I wont be getting back until after midnight again.

I’m still watching “Chasing Life”, Season 1 Episode 17. I’m still giving it 3 stars. I like Uncle George,  but I’m kind of glad he’s gone. One less drama to worry about. And now there is Leo drama. He just needs to grow up and do something with himself. Go to school or something. I hope Him and April can figure things out.



“Chasing Life” Gets 3 Stars

I’ve recently started watching the Free Form show “Chasing Life” on Netflix. I’m on season one episode twelve. I’m really liking  it actually. So your probably wondering why I’m giving it three stars. First, the whole sex topic. I really like Beth’s character, but I don’t like it when she starts talking about sex and sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. Then the make out scenes can be a little much especially when it adds drama for a love triangle. To be truthful, I fast forward through those parts, including the love drama between the mom and the Uncle. Second, the whole gay part. Like really, she was with a dude and was flirting with him and out of no where she crushes on a girl. I’m sorry, but it was totally random and just well, unnecessary. And the dude she was with, hello! talk about hot. Minus the tattoos. As for the gay scenes, I fast forward through those parts as well. I like the younger sister, but her relationship life, I don’t like at all. So, I guess you could say I mostly focus on the older sister’s cancer life and social/job life than I do on all the other happenings. Also, I focus on the rich cancer boy, who is completely hot and I feel is less drama free than the older sister, who doesn’t have too much drama. I did’t what to say too much about the show in case some people are just as behind as I am.

2 AM on a Saturday Morning 

I took the bus from my place to Woodland Mall and walked around for about an hour or so. I ended up at icing and bought a few things. All on clearence. I was really hoping at that time that someone would ask me to do a third. I walked from the mall to my job which is about a thirty minute walk. I was still hoping someone would ask me to do a third. I wasn’t worried about homework, I did it already and was working on stuff due in two weeks anyhow. I get to work and starting working. And we’ll considering I’m doing this blog at 2 AM, someone asked me to do a third. I’ve been up since 7 AM yeaturday and I don’t get out until 7 AM today. Yikes! I had some coffee, but I might need more. Just watching the last episode of House few season four right now. And starting to get hungry even though I munched on some snacks. They have good snacks here…blah…blah…blah…am I boring you yet?

To Catch a Star

There once was a young child who wanted to catch a star.

“Papa,” she said, “I want to catch a star. How do I catch one?”

“You can’t.” said Papa.

The young child would not except this simple minded answer, so she went off to find her mother out in the garden.

“Mamma, I want to catch a star. How do I catch one?”

Mamma grunted, pulling out a weed. “Don’t be silly child, one can’t just catch a star. Draw yourself a pretty picture of star and then you shall have a star.”

The young child did not want a star made out of paper, she wanted a real star that was hanging high up in the sky. Sadden, the young child walked among the streets.

The young child came across a street vendor and asked, “How do I catch a star?”

The street vendor said, “Don’t be silly child, go some where else and stop wasting my time with silly questions.”

The young child walked away with tears glistening in her eyes. The young child was passing an abandon shop when a voice came from the darkened doorway.

“You want to know how to catch a star?” said an old gruffy voice.

The young child stopped and turned. “Yes. Do you know how I can catch a star?”

A bony finger stuck out from the dark doorway and pointed up at the sky.

The young child turned and looked up at the now very dark, but very star lite sky. The young child’s eyes took it all in, but it was one star that caught her eye the most. For the longest time she stared up at the sky then turned back to the doorway.

“You see, that is how you catch a star.”

Where ever the child went, day or night, if you looked into her eyes you would see a star shinning ever so bright.