The Final Chapter

I finished “Chasing Life” this morning during my morning workout. I have to say it was pretty good ending, but I wish there was at lest one last episode to tie it up and make it better. I can only assume that George got in trouble and was put in prison. Or maybe he just lost his practice. He lied, but it’s not like he helped his brother kill himself. Olivia on the other hand, I can’t stand. She’s greedy for money. She acts like she means more to her lover than the wife does. I’m glad Natalie wanted to end it. To her, having sisters is more important than money. I can only assume with April, she dies. I know she had a thing with Dimples, but since she picked Leo I just don’t think they should get back together. Best just to leave it as friends. Brenna needs to be with Finn. Greer popping up at the end is just weird. Too much drama. Plus she’s his donor! That’s just meant to be!

Now for my favorite character…Beth! She’s the perfect example for a best friend. I don’t like that she gets pregnant, but I know no one is perfect. Though that’s why certain things should wait until after one is married. I loved her outfits in every episode and the dress she designed for Brenna was awesome! Probably way out of my price league though. I was kind of hoping her and Graham would get back together, but that comment about him being older and her being a child, that was low. I would have to say my best friend Vanya is a Beth in my life.

Now it’s time to get hooked on something else. I’m currently watching “House”. I’m on season 5. I’m going to finish it, but it’s slow now that the main characters are more like side characters. I’m also watching “Switched at Birth”. I like that show too. Some drama that’s just annoying really. I like the Deaf aspect, being an ASL major. I’ll just have to keep looking and find something just as intriguing at “Chasing Life”.


“Chasing Life” Continued

I am now three episodes away from finishing “Chasing Life”. First thing I want to start off with is the death of Leo. I’m really upset that his character was killed off. And after a few days or weeks of being married no less. It was just cruel and not necessary. Actually I was expecting April to die before Leo. I still am expecting her to die considering it ends after the second season. I didn’t like the way April was becoming after his death and I’m glad her friends said something. I wish she would get a job though. I mean, I know she wants to write this book, but other people sacrificed a lot because of the lack of money. I know she fell into a lot of money due to Leo’s death, but still I think she needs to do something with herself. Other than getting high and spending her money on random expensive objects.

I thought things with Brenna would become less weird after Greer left, but they didn’t. I must say though I like the way Greer stood up to her parents. I didn’t like that they were making all these decisions for her, but never truly in her life. To me it seemed as though that the dad viewed things a bit differently than the mom, but he was too afraid to say his peace and stand up to her and stand up for his daughter. I think Greer made a good decision in moving with her dad. But Brenna’s relationship life was still weird after she left and more so once she joined public school. Course I don’t know the full details. Once though scenes come up I fast forward. Some episodes become 30 minutes instead of the 42 minutes.

The last episode though was intense. Their dad having ALS and not actually being a alcoholic like Sarah thought he was. Then he basically killed himself. Poor Natalie though, her and her mom never got a thing after he died. It will be interesting to see if she comes back or even says something to the police. If she does the family will be in big trouble and George is sure to go to prison for it. And I wish George and Sarah would either get together officially or just leave that part well enough alone. Though with the secret out I’m thinking they may not be seeing each other anytime soon. Oh and Finn, Brenna and him should get together and leave the girl stuff be.

I am now giving “Chasing Life” 3 stars instead of the 4 I gave it last time.

“The Invisible Sister” played on Disney

Yesterday at work I put on the movie “The Invisible Sister” done by Disney. I really enjoyed the movie. I have to say I could really relate to it. Not that I have actually been turned invisible, but more on the aspect I’m invisible like the younger sister.

Most people see me, but they don’t really see me. What? That makes no sense! I’m more like a shadow or an object in passing. Most people don’t strike up a conversation with me. So I try to join some, but when I do I feel like they are slowly pushing me out without being noticeable about it. I often find subject changes occur when I join a group or the group moves off to another part of the room. I hate when that happens. You’re probably thinking I’m down while typing this, but I’m not. I wanted to type this out yesterday, but didn’t have them time. It’s more like something I feel compelled to share.

Plus, I’ve come to grips with it. I have my coping mechanisms. Usually music or reading a book. Sometimes I’ll do music and a walk. Everyone has something different to deal with this kind of invincibility. Or maybe you grew out of it. I thought I did…but then again maybe not.

You know how some people will make changes of themselves? It could be there hair, a tattoo or a piercing. You’d get compliments or some kind of statement. Ugh…well, I got my tips died a light blond. I was gonna go for color, but I was strongly advised against it. Needless to say the ends of my hair are way lighter and blonder than the rest of my hair. But nothing. I thought I would get something from my church choir or may be a couple class mates. I had one classmate comment on my outfit last Wednesday. She really liked it. I cherish those moments, they don’t happen too often. I feel like I need to dye my whole head purple to get a reaction. I used to do things to make me looks older, nothing. I used to dress to get noticed, nothing. I used to give complements just to receive one, nothing. More times than not nothing. This is all growing up.

Though I must say, when ever I did things to myself I did them because I wanted to do them. But being invisible sucks! ┬áBut I remind myself to keep being me, always be me. That’t the most important thing. Never change yourself for someone else. Be true to yourself…even if it means being invisible…

Goodbye Tuesday

Been a long day full of sleep. My drive home from Lansing started at 11:00 PM Monday Night. Due to the weather I didn’t get home until 12:30 AM Tuesday Morning. I went to sleep, but got up at 6:00 AM to get my little brother off to school. His bus got to our house by 6:40 AM. I crashed out on the couch for about four hours. Then I took a hot shower. I’ve caught a cold or something in all that jazz. Might just me that I’m over tired, but I can’t breath through one nostril without nose spray. Glad the day is over. Oh, and I got a patch test done, so I can get my tips colored this weekend. Looks like I past!