spiderman is what he wore when we first met
he smiled at me and shook his figure
paint he did not want, but a toucan he did

later in white he held my hand to the pool side
longingly he wished to enter
but mommy then shook her finger
soaking up the sun we stood by the water

so small so kind with such a big heart
small hands warm smile bright eyes
wanting to play, buy not be held he took my hand

a dear young boy we should want to be like
may not look like you or me yet he is the same
miko my friend



Gina had brought a role of banner paper and three colors of paint for the children to place their hands upon.

red cloaks the heart
yellow shows the sun
purple shows the love
the color don’t matter

place it on you hand
which will you choose
smear it press it
which will you choose

the color is different
but the hand is the same
the meaning is different
but the hands are one

place it on you hand
which will you choose
smear it press it
which will you choose

but be warned
you can only choose one


so many voices all bouncing off the walls
more than one topic to join
coming down the stairs
which one will I chose

i take a seat and wait to see
talk of pillows, students and eddie
the voices ring in my ears

lexi packed one pillow and i packed none
zita asks about graduating, but I have not
girls talk of eddie the leader who is late and i have to laugh

i am not a part of these topics, but then again
i am, you just don’t know it.



they sat in their chairs all in a row
little pebbles held in their hands
eyes hungry for the prize
with bingo on their lips

a smile lit their faces
hands now full of beans
beans stuffed inside a toy
with bingo on their lips

the game now done
but gone the smiles are not
the rattle of the die saying goodbye
with bingo on their lips.

Tom Cruise as “Jack Reacher”

Tom Cruise isn’t very good in a movie based on all drama. He is better in an action fighting type movie. Needless to say, he was absolutely amazing as Jack Reacher! And I thought the second one was just as good as the first. The couldn’t have picked a better woman to play the lead. I recognized her instantly from the Avengers. I liked the whole touch with the kid, the girl. I’m glad though that she’s not his kid biology, but more like he adopted her. I can’t picture Jack Reacher having a kid. Especially with the way Tom Cruise plays him. I watched both back to back while on the plans. I know there are books, I saw your best friend Abi reading one. I should try to find them…more books to find.

“Your Lie In April”

This is an Anime show as well as a real live movie. I watched the Anime show first on Netflix. The description siad something about classical music, a violinist, and a pianist, so I was sold from that alone. This Anime is my favorite real life Anime, that is to say not a fantasy Anime. The ending is sad, but at the same time it is rather fitting. 

I watched the live movie when I was flying the Philippines. I remember seeing a preview when watching another Anime movie. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my hands on it. I was just scrolling through the movies on the plane and came across it. I was ecstatic! And I watched right away! It wasn’t English unlike the shoe. I’m thinking Japanese or Korean. I can’t remember which. It was very similar to the show, so I was not disipointed at all. There were some characters missing, but it wasn’t  like it changed the movie completely.

I totally recommend both of them!

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

Let me just say, I have not read the book so I had nothing to go by; therefore, the movie was not what I expected. I watched this twice on the plane, once there and once on the way back.

I thought this movie was going be a bit more like a fact documentary on supernatural hauntings. I got that really from the covers of the books, I know I judged. I’m a terrible person now. When in fact its not real, but a fantasy! I really enjoyed it, hence I watched it twice. I thought it might get as scary as “Supernatural” which I do watch, but it wasn’t. Thankfully, because I don’t think the guys on either side of me would have enjoyed me jumping or yelping in terror. I though everyone played their parts well.

Green did a wonderful job as the head mistress. It was cool seeing her turn into her bird form. Now that I’m typing this I wonder what it would have been like to have Emma Watson play her part. I love Asa as an actor, so I was thrilled to see him in there. I thought he did extremely well. I remember seeing him in Ender’s Game. He’s 19 and I have to say he is really good looking. I’m curious to know what he is like as a person. As for Ella who plays Emma, I want her gifts. Also, how tall is she? The first scene where she took her boots off she looked very small compared to Jake. That or he is really tall. Enoch and Olive were cool. Enoch’s gift was a little creepy to me, especially when he is first introduced. And who played the invisible boy? As for the rest, they all did a great job. Now I just need to really read the books! Time to hit a used book store!

All in all, a great story line. The eye balls were a bit much. The way they scooped them up with their tongues? Talk about gross. I’d watch it all over again though. And I’m glad Jake’s grandfather ended up not dying and that the grandfather told him to go and live is adventures.