All I want to do is cry. 

Rewatching the Doctor is fun.

I always do it when waiting for the next season.

I’m on season 4, with an unopened season 9.

Looking forward to season 10, ready for a new companion.

Now what I learned makes me want to cry. If I wasn’t at work I would. 

I can’t watch season 10, I wish I could, but I made a promise and intend to keep it.

She’s openly gay I read. Is it true? I don’t know, but I won’t find out.

Why? Why did they have to do this? Wasn’t it fine the way it was? Did there really have to be this kind of change? 

What was wrong with before? 


If you agree put a sad face. I know I don’t have that many followers, so what’s it matter anyhow. 


Glad that’s over…LOL


Sitting, waiting, reading, anticipation.
Pain building, getting stronger.
Thought it was gone, but alas it is not.

Longing for my name to be called.
Tired of sitting, of holding my head in hands.
Tummy is hungry, can’t wait for food.

Noises all around, but not the noise I want.
The door keeps opening, but not for me.
The red blinks steady, but no beeping.

What will they find I wonder.
Nothing, something, something serious?
I don’t know, I don’t much care.
I just want my name heard.



Some have wings
Some have none

Some have scales
Some have fur

Others breathe fire
While some breathe ice

It does not matter which is which
What matters is this

Do you believe…in Dragons

I can honestly say I do
What do you say



she came with a lump not knowing what
easy to take care of no need to worry
hands touched needles pricked

blood on slides one time two times
under the scope they went to be read
benign we thought benign we hopped

but no, cancer it was cancer of the breast
tears fell, a decision to make
doctors came more hands touched
hardness felt two choices thrown out

three kids she has with worry for them
husband came in not knowing what to do
sister in law too emotional to stay

chemo, radiation, short words that scare
keep the breast or to not
how to make that choice she knows not

fear on her face shows all
but bravery to fight



we met by the poolside of clear blue water
black hair red hair we mixed together
dark skin light skin we held
chitter chatter chitter chatter

dark eyes stared into light eyes
talk of family, vocations, and special people
views on politics are taken into account
chitter chatter chitter chatter

two languages known only one spoken
pro-life always single lives for now
one sister each, but many brothers
chitter chatter chitter chatter

two lives two places one world far apart
brought together despite distance and time
one must go but always together as sisters
chitter chatter chitter chatter

Making a Stand

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I know some people won’t be interested because of their own views and feelings. And that’s fine. But please don’t turn this into a hate page where we all gripe, argue, and complain. I just want to put out how I feel.

It all really started with the new “Beauty and the Beast” movie. I was greatly looking forward to the movie. I was excited that Emma Watson was playing Bell. I remember thinking what a perfect fit! I was even proud of Emma when she refused to wear a corset! Later I heard after the movie came out that in the movie is a gay character. I was appalled really. I mean this is “Beauty and the Beast”! A real live version of the animated Disney movie designed for kids! For kids! And yet they had to put that kind of twist into it. I say no, completely inappropriate. And it is, it really is. I wouldn’t want my child seeing that in every kid movie! Really, that’s what it seems to be coming to. I mean the “Power Ranger” movie even has a gay character in it! Hello, the show is just stupid. Though it could be great, but its not and its designed for kids! Again kids!

How are kids suppose to make their own decision if it’s thrust upon them through movies such as these. Not that I believe it is an open decision. It’s like someone is trying to turn everyone into being gay. Why? I’m Catholic, but I don’t go around trying to convert everyone into becoming Catholic! It’s just not appropriate. If someone want’s to make a movie with a gay character in it, then make it a gay movie and say that up front. I’m tired of people just slipping that kind of character or scene into movies. And yes, I heard that it was a very small and minor part. Frankly and bluntly I just don’t care.

Does this mean I’m going to distance and ignore people that are gay? No! That’s not the Christian way. All I’ll ask, and I know I’ve said this before, is that we don’t talk about that part of his or her life. Unless they want to get religious about it. I’ve had great conversations with those that are gay and they were super nice. Sadly due to this view I have, this belief, I lost some one that was becoming a friend. She wasn’t gay herself, she just supported it where as I don’t. But it would’t have bothered me if we stayed friends.

So now I’m making a stand, a hard one. I will not from here on out be watching movies or shows that have gay scenes or characters in it. Mentioned fine, but an acting scene. No. That means no “Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, the newest Star Trek movie”. I now regret watching “Chasing Life.” Granted I did fast forward through all those scenes, but I’m not going to do it any more. In shows like “House”, I’ll just skip that episode, not fast forward to the end, and skip to the next episode. I’m saying that because “House” isn’t based off of a gay character or life style. I recall only two episodes and I pretty much fast forward to the end. Again, no more. I’m tired of feeling like someone is trying to integrate me.

I’m not sure what movies are coming out that I really want to see and have gay characters or scenes in it, but I will keep my stand, my promise.