All I want to do is cry. 

Rewatching the Doctor is fun.

I always do it when waiting for the next season.

I’m on season 4, with an unopened season 9.

Looking forward to season 10, ready for a new companion.

Now what I learned makes me want to cry. If I wasn’t at work I would. 

I can’t watch season 10, I wish I could, but I made a promise and intend to keep it.

She’s openly gay I read. Is it true? I don’t know, but I won’t find out.

Why? Why did they have to do this? Wasn’t it fine the way it was? Did there really have to be this kind of change? 

What was wrong with before? 


If you agree put a sad face. I know I don’t have that many followers, so what’s it matter anyhow. 


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