How Things are Going Now

September 7th, 2017

Right now I’m watching a movie called “Back to the Secret Garden”. It’s a sequel to the 1987 Secret Garden, the one where Mary marries her cousin Colin and Dicken died in the war. I prefer the 1993 one as Mary fancies Dicken more. I’ve seen the movie and it’s cute. Watching Netflix or DVD’s is one of my ways of taking a break from studying. I study about 2 hours a day. It can get a little overwhelming sometimes. Practicing my guitar helps calm down or talking a walk while listening to music. I can only hope and pray it all pays off. No matter what happens.


I’ve trying to keep up with my shows, but there are too many that I’m watching all at once. Merlin is one of them. I’m on season two now. I’ve been watching it at a house where I Nanny for two days out of the week. And I finally finished the fourth season of Supernatural. Still working on Doctor Who, really behind on that show I’m afraid. Like two seasons behind. I don’t have all the time in the world. Plus I’m trying to make time for reading as well.


I’m still reading “Bleak House”. Good book, but it’s very long. I’m also still reading the Manga series “Your Lie in April”. I’m reading it slowly on purpose really. Just milking it up. Then I’ll re-watch the show. I bought the DVD’s a while back.  I’m actually working on getting all the Manga for a vampire series called “Vampire Knightly”. Again I already have the DVD’s. I’m not really into vampires, but I loved the show! Anime really.


I’m still working on my writing, mostly poetry. I’ll be able to post more short poems in a few days. I lost a lot of the poems I had on my last phone since it got stolen. So now I’m making new ones. This time I’ll try to post them faster just in case my phone gets stolen again. I think some food is in order…looks like Chinese leftover in the fridge.



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