Nerd Girl Problems

I do enjoy going for a run or taking a walk, but yes, reading outside is one of the very best outdoor activities there is. Being a redhead I either have to sit in the shade which can be hard to find or put on some sunscreen which forces me to shower at the end of the day.

On another note, my idea of going out and having fun is going to a book store, one with a cafe and couches, a library or even a restaurant just to read a book.

This is how nerdy I am.


Time For Some Music

I grew up listening to Plumb, but she faded out of my life for the longest time. I heard a new song of hers over the radio and looked up her albums on Spotify. I fell in love with her album “Beautifully Broken” and these are my favorites. Please Enjoy!




Anne With An E

I literally just finished watching Season 2 Episode 7. It took a twist I was partially expecting. I say partially because of Cole’s character.

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At the beginning it shows that he is different from the rest of the boys at school. He is more of an artist than a Farmer and he gets along with the girls swimmingly. I was beginning to think that he was gay, but at the same time I didn’t think that LGBTQ would be added into the show due to the era it takes place in. I also didn’t think he was gay because why can’t a boy be an artist over farming and still be into girls? Sometimes I think TV shows are too stereotypical when it comes to this type of portrayal.

Of course it was just confirmed for me in the episode I stated at the beginning which also stated the same for Aunt Josephine. I know she talked passionately of her friendship to Gertrude, but in any version of Anne, Anne too talked the same way. To be honest, I’m a little upset that LGBTQ was placed inside this show. Yes, it was done a nice and I have to say beautiful and creative way, but why?

Sometimes I think this is done just to please those that are and support LGBTQ. But does it have to be in everything? I know, I’m not suppose to judge and I don’t think I am. I guess I’m just tired of watching shows I love and later, by choice, stop watching it because the same sex relationship goes too far or it doesn’t even make any sense when its added in. I mean Cole drew a picture of Anne and I thought that he had a crush on her. In this show with Anne being Anne I think a love triangle would have been interesting. Cole, Anne, and Gilbert.

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I really felt for Diana in this episode. When I had found out about gays and the meaning of the word, it was slow, but Diana was thrown into it as if she was supposed to know about it already. I do believe her reaction was perfect, she cried, she wondered how it could be right if it was kept hidden, and stated that it was “unnatural”. I didn’t really like that Anne defended this new found kind of love she had discovered. However, I do like what Anne says at the end of the episode, that love comes in different forms for everybody. Naturally for me to some extent.

When Cole had asked Aunt Josephine what she would think when her family found out she said, “They will think what they want.” I must admit I liked her statement. No matter what we do or what we believe, that is our own choice as an individual and people can think what they want, but if we firmly believe it wont sway us.

I guess my biggest problem is that anything new coming out has to have LGBTQ in it. A show can be just as great without it. I mean, not every show or movie has a religious aspect to it. And I don’t expect that. For now, I’m going to keep watching the show. I admire Anne too much to not. Also, it hasn’t gone too far for me.

But can I just say, what a party! The costumes, the colors, it was all so beautiful. It was like a scene from a book come to life. I would love to go to a party with such style. I think I would go has a fairy or a nymph or even better dress up like the Mad Hatter! I can’t find a picture to do the scene justice.

But that’s just me and my thoughts.

On A More Personal Note

“Number 9”

That is how many days I have left before my family and I head off on to our next adventure. First we will be driving to Missouri then taking a plane to Seattle where we will board a cruise ship taking us to Alaska! I am very excited and cannot wait! I pray this next week goes by rather quickly.

My dad would play this whenever us kids had a question in school and the problem was number 9. I just had to post this being 9 days left and all.


Currently Watching


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I finished the first season just a couple days ago and now I am watching the second season. I’m quit impress with this version of Anne and I find the title rather unique. The young lady, Amybeth McNulty does a swell job of playing this whimsical run of the tongue imaginative red headed girl. Come to found out that Amybeth is not a natural red head, but dyed her hair for the occasion. I honestly thought she was a natural red head and she’s got the freckles to boot. My favorite thing about Anne is that she chooses herself over any boy, that way she wont have any disappointments.     


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Season eight is not living up to the way I want. With the new characters it’s hard to except the change. I miss Max the most and you don’t see Danny much. What’s up with that? I do enjoy Juniors character, but the new girl? I don’t yet see the point of her. She’s there as a cop, but she isn’t Cono. And can Steve just get a girl. So far, the dog is the best part.

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This is my next Asian Drama! There are currently two season, but I’m only on the first. Loving it! 




A TV Show: Lost in Space

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To be honest, after finishing the first episode I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep watching it. Now that I have finished it, I am glad that I did keep watching it. I’m very eager to see what will take place in the second season.

Character wise?

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John, the dad, I thought was better than Maureen, the mom. I hated that Maureen kept pushing her husband away when he really was trying to be their for her and help her. He did make a mistake when they were down on Earth, but if she didn’t want him to go on for another tour with military, she should have said something. I just didn’t like that she put all the blame on him. There relationship got better later on, I would say more in the last couple of episodes when they actually get intimate. Then there is Dr. Smith, who really isn’t Dr. Smith, but a fraud. I would say my favorite thing about her is that she is not your typical psychopath. By that I mean in her looks and the way she acts. She is very good at pretending to be your friend then wanting to stab you in the back quit literally.

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The robot was awesome. I was hoping Will would have given him a name, but he just kept calling it Robot or him. I hope in the second season they go more in depth on the way his face changes in the bubble design. Penny was the daughter I could relate to the most. She loves to read and she wants to become a writer. She wants to keep her parents happy, but if the good ones have to break the rules at some point. Judy was the more annoying one. At the beginning she was like a show off and angry with her dad, but if she would just have listened everything would have been fine and she wouldn’t have gotten stuck in the frozen water. The biggest thing that annoyed me was that she was constantly acting like a mom and not a sister or a daughter. As for Will, I wasn’t sure how felt about him. I think I was just picturing someone different and it took me a while to accept that this is Will.

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Don was by far my favorite character. He was funny and so full of himself it was awesome and a nice break from the family drama. I like that he named the chicken and Debbie no less. I prefer Judy’s character when she is around him than when she is around her family. He always struggled doing the right thing, but in the end he always did. Mostly if he was pressured into it. I’m relieved actually that he is stuck on the ship with the Robinson’s. I’m excited to see him in the next season just as long as he isn’t killed off right away.


Image result for lost in space 1998Growing up, I was a huge fan of the movie. I still am. Sometimes there is that one movie you just don’t get tired of. For me, this is one of them. And it’s not like it’s top quality or anything. It’s more like a B movie, but I have always enjoyed it. The youngest daughter, Penny, was my favorite in this as well. It was her sense of adventure and her style that I liked most. I have not seen the original TV Show, but I’m not sure I would be able to since the technology has changed so much and I would probably find it boring. I tried with the original Doctor Who and it was very hard, I didn’t make it all the way through.

Well, I hope season 2 comes fast enough.

Nerd Girl Problem

All the time!

It can be a little embarrassing at times when I say a name or word wrong aloud. Though sometimes I could be right while the other person is wrong.

I suppose only the author knows the true way to pronounce it.