Nerd Girl Problems

The longer I’m forced to wait the madder I get. For a number of reasons really. One, after I’ve digested what I’ve just read, I’m ready to read the next one as quick as I can. But of course I can’t. Second, I’m afraid that I will soon forget all that I’ve read due to the fact that I am always reading something. Third, because my life intends to get busy, I often forget about the next book until I stumble upon it at a store.

Sometimes, I wait to read a series until all of the books are out, that way I don’t have to worry about waiting and going mad. I would often do this with television shows. I realized pretty quickly that, that was a stupid idea because it would take too far wrong. Think about, a book takes about six months to a whole year to get written and printed and put out in the stores. So if a series has five books,  that’s like five years. That’s just madness.

I’m going mad just thinking about it.


Just don’t compare.

Yes, it can be really disappointing when the book and the movie are not the same. It’s even more disappointing when the two are nothing alike in any way.

I try not to compare, but see them as individuals. Not to say I don’t get disappointed. Especially if I love the book.

For example, Paper Towns by John Green. I loved the book! The movie was a huge let down. It did not live up to the book at all and I was greatly disappointed. I surprised really because the movie and book for The Fault in Our Stars was amazing!

World War Z. I started the book, but really couldn’t get into it. I can’t remember if I read it first or watched it first, but for me the movie was better.

I don’t expect the two to be exactly the same. Even though bringing it to life makes it all the more different, changes are nice, that way I don’t know everything that is going to happen.

I can’t explain why, but I do like that Animes and Mangas are exactly the same. Such as Your Lie in April. It’s my favorite down to earth like Manga.

I know some people don’t like drastic changes like different ages and relationships when there was none. Such Ender’s Game and Percy Jackson. I didn’t mind Ender’s Game so much since I read it first, but Percy Jackson? While I do love the movies, I’ve recently realized that there are many changes, which I don’t like. I’d like to see a remake, but tied closer to the book. It could be a TV show or an anime. Or just a better reboot.

But I’m just saying…

Asian Drama Issues

Agreed. Get out!

Mostly it’s my parents, well, really my dad. And the most ruckus he makes is about how can I watch this when I have to read the captions.

To be honest, there is no good explanation. I just love them and I find them to be better than most American shows.

And no matter what I am watching, I hate getting interrupted and having to pause my show.