Going Forward

You stand beside

But you know not that I am here

I reach for your hand

But it only passes through like a fog

How I wish you could see me

How I wish you could hear me

How I wish you could touch me

How I wish you could smell me

But you have moved on

As I made you promise

Now I am fading as the years go by


Qoutes from Good Reads

And I really do.

I find books to be a better companion than people more often than not.

They take me places most people can’t take me to. And they inspire to travel, to go see these places.

And let’s be honest, they hardly ever disappoint. The writer usually has a good idea on how to please the reader, but make it suspenseful at the same time so as to not make it predictable.

My goal for the year is 100 books. I’ve only read 41 or 42. A little behind, but sometimes you’ve just got to savor the one your reading.

Quotes from Good Reads

I love to travel. I can’t get enough of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures. The past three years I’ve been going to the Philippians on a medical mission trip. While I do want to keep going back every year, I also want to find a new place to go to. A place I haven’t been to yet. My own uncharted sea.

On Instagram I came across an advertisement for a website called volunteer world. I decided to check it out and see what they have to offer. And they offer a lot. From volunteering centered around animals, to medical, to teaching, to childcare. I jumped on the childcare. That narrowed the what and who. As to the where, I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. It’s been a dream of mine for a very long time. So, that’s what I did, I picked Africa. Of course there are plenty of cities to go to within Africa alone. Eventually I narrowed that to three cities, but I still have six programs to choose from.

While I am praying I can make this happen next Summer, 2019, it might have to wait until 2020. But it sounds promising and I’m very excited with the planning. I’ve always had a thing for caring for people, but my passion is and has always been for children.

To be able to spend my Summer in Africa and with children is a dream come true for me.


An Update on Me

So much has happened over the Summer. I don’t even know where to start. I’m probably going to have to save this as a draft to collect all my thoughts.

First off, I actually had a Summer this year. It was my first Summer in a long time. After graduating high school in 2012 I worked nearly every day, tried College, then went back to working nearly everyday. This year it helped that I am now working on the weekends 3rd shift (taking away my life) and the mom I nanny for is a teacher.

The week days were mine! I slept in everyday, which spoiled me rotten. Getting up at six in the morning is tiring, so sleeping in until nine was a luxury. I think I spoiled myself too much, because now getting up at six is kind of hard.


Books are definitely better than boys. And boy did I do a lot of reading this Summer. I’m still way behind my reading goal of a hundred books this year, but that’s okay. It just shows I’m busy and work hard. I haven’t even gotten through half of the books I’m supposed to read. I’ve only read forty-two books so far.

Going on vacation helped. I think I read about half a dozen. My parents, my brother, and I drove from Grand Rapids Michigan to the Dells in Wisconsin. We were supposed to stay out this resort called Mount Olympus, but it was a disaster. You do not want to go to this place. First off, their rooms aren’t by the amusement park and water park. Unless, maybe, you had building one through five. That’s right buildings. And they had up twenty of them. So, the higher up you’re number the further away you are. Try a mile or two. If your driving it’s not so bad, but you have to pay for that.

Then there was the food. We were supposed to get a free dinner, but that ended at five. Guess what time we arrived at the check in building at? That’s right. Five. We were supposed to get free sodas too, unlimited!

The worst part was the hotel. The bed was a box spring, the blankets were torn and had holes in them, the toilet seat wasn’t attached to the floor completely. My dad says that was our amusement ride. We didn’t end up staying and found a better place literally across the street.

Image may contain: outdoor


From Wisconsin we went to Minnesota, staying there for a few days then flying to Seattle. Seattle was okay. I wouldn’t mind seeing some non touristy places. We did the Space Needle again. It was my brother’s first time though. Of course we did a lot of random fun stuff and saw a lot of churches. We always do.

Image may contain: Jessica Reidt, smiling, outdoor   Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor




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The highlight of the whole trip though, was the Alaskan Cruise! You will have to see my Facebook page for those pictures. Which I have not yet uploaded. I’m a bit slow when it comes to that. I usually just upload pictures through my Instagram as I go along. I couldn’t really use my phone a lot in Alaska, except to take pictures with. The WiFi was to expensive to use.

So know I’m back to work. Working third shift on the weekends and watching kids on the week days. I’m actually working for another family. He’s not yet four months old. I  just love that age. The girl is nearly two years old. She is still as fun as ever. I swear, if I had my own home, I’d probably run a day care out of it!


Jessica R.

K-Drama Problems

I am one of those people who can get very animated over a TV show or a movie. I like to talk out loud, expressing myself on each of the characters, especially the one’s that I hate the most because they usually irritate me the most. My parents have seen me do this many times when we are watching Hallmark movies together.

However, I have not seen myself at my worst. That is until I started watching K-Dramas. I go through so many emotions just watching one episode. I can go through stress while releasing it at the same time as well as, anger to giddiness to annoyance back to being angry to sadness to why did he do that to he is so stupid!

Now of course I am talking out loud to myself as I watch this alone. Nevertheless, sometimes I’m just in the next room over and my parents or brother can hear me. And as they can not understanding a word of what I am watching unless they come in and read the subtitles with me, they just think I’m crazy.

Which is nothing new.

But they are amazing and a great way to release any emotion pent up inside. Very therapeutic.

Nerd Girl Problems

The longer I’m forced to wait the madder I get. For a number of reasons really. One, after I’ve digested what I’ve just read, I’m ready to read the next one as quick as I can. But of course I can’t. Second, I’m afraid that I will soon forget all that I’ve read due to the fact that I am always reading something. Third, because my life intends to get busy, I often forget about the next book until I stumble upon it at a store.

Sometimes, I wait to read a series until all of the books are out, that way I don’t have to worry about waiting and going mad. I would often do this with television shows. I realized pretty quickly that, that was a stupid idea because it would take too far wrong. Think about, a book takes about six months to a whole year to get written and printed and put out in the stores. So if a series has five books,  that’s like five years. That’s just madness.

I’m going mad just thinking about it.

Just don’t compare.

Yes, it can be really disappointing when the book and the movie are not the same. It’s even more disappointing when the two are nothing alike in any way.

I try not to compare, but see them as individuals. Not to say I don’t get disappointed. Especially if I love the book.

For example, Paper Towns by John Green. I loved the book! The movie was a huge let down. It did not live up to the book at all and I was greatly disappointed. I surprised really because the movie and book for The Fault in Our Stars was amazing!

World War Z. I started the book, but really couldn’t get into it. I can’t remember if I read it first or watched it first, but for me the movie was better.

I don’t expect the two to be exactly the same. Even though bringing it to life makes it all the more different, changes are nice, that way I don’t know everything that is going to happen.

I can’t explain why, but I do like that Animes and Mangas are exactly the same. Such as Your Lie in April. It’s my favorite down to earth like Manga.

I know some people don’t like drastic changes like different ages and relationships when there was none. Such Ender’s Game and Percy Jackson. I didn’t mind Ender’s Game so much since I read it first, but Percy Jackson? While I do love the movies, I’ve recently realized that there are many changes, which I don’t like. I’d like to see a remake, but tied closer to the book. It could be a TV show or an anime. Or just a better reboot.

But I’m just saying…