2 days until school thoughts

Yesterday I finished watching the TV show Jessica Jones by Marvel’s. I have to say it was really good and i loved that David Tennant was in it even though he played the bad guy, I mean he played it so amazingly well I loved it. I know I said in a previous post that I was done watching movies or TV shows that portray gay characters or lesbian characters, but something my friend said kind of made me change my mind cause um what she said was that if you’re watching it for a different reason than watching it for the gay or the lesbian parts then it’s you know it’s not a sin especially if you’re strong in your faith and I feel like now I’m stronger in my faith. Of course I always struggle in it but who doesn’t. Plus I know that kind of relationship is wrong and I don’t watch the show for pleasure in those kind of relationships (I feel like pleasure is the wrong word). 

So, some might say I’m a hypocrite and this might be true. But I’m still learning, still trying to find out who I am. I don’t want to do wrong, but at the same time i want to stay true to my faith and to who i am right now, but at the same i don’t want to hurt anyone. Though I already know i have, again, who hasn’t. 

The world’s just changing too fast and I can’t keep up with it. 

A New Phone

So, on our second to last night in LV we all went out to the pool. We used our patio pool door, it was quicker than going out the hall and around. Naturally the door is going to be unlocked, so we can get back in. Perhaps 10 or 15 minutes later I headed in to shower…the door was open with the curtain blowing in the wind. Didn’t think much about it thinking my mom left it open by accident. 

I ran back out because we had no towels meaning the room service never came in. My mom came back to the room with me and called them…course I could have done that. Then I mentioned the door…she did shut it. She actually struggled with getting the curtain to stay inside. She noticed her five dollars was missing, but that was it. 

I was waiting for the towels to come, which by the way took like five calls the whole night. I went to go use my phone which was by my wallet which was still on the bed…my phone, not so much. I locked the door then took the long way around, my dad met me half way. We ran to the room and couldn’t find his phone. Then we saw the car keys missing. The car was still there! We went back to the room. I went to go see my mom and use her phone to find mine and my dad’s. We have an app for that.

Her phone was next to the five dollars charging. Not! Her chord was, but not the phone. The next day I noticed my box part going into the wall was gone, but not the chord. The cops for the hotel showed up. Well, we didn’t get our phones back, but we did get forty dollars for a free breakfast the morning we left.

I lost all my photo pictures except for what is on Instagram and through that Facebook. My mom and I both got the Samsung galaxy S8 and my dad got the same since he wasn’t due for a new one. His actually mailed it to the next hotel due to insurance and all that. 

I’m grateful it wasn’t worse, like my wallet, credit cards, and the car itself. I also found out later they did break in the car. Mine and Joseph’s headphones were stolen. I’m glad my mom had the DVD players taken out, it being so hot and all. And I brought the DVDs in just because. We kept the car on the fourth floor in front of a camera. They wanted us to do that so they could catch the guys if they came back. They never did. Oh, my mom had her set of keys, so we can still drive.

Obviously, since I’m typing this in California.  Hope you enjoyed the terror.  


Her skin soaked up the sun like tea and honey
She walked with ease among the shores
She had no shadow
Foot prints were all she left behind
Time and time again she did this
Some say they’ve seen her shadow
Some say they’ve heard her laughter
Others have sworn they’ve seen her footprints

But that’s not possible
For long ago she was lost to the sea


I am now on Summer break. Feels good to be done with school! And I passed both of my classes, so that is a big relief! I signed up for my next two classes. Keep forgetting to buy my books though. I start back June 5th and end just before August. That will be a fast semester.

I’m behind on my reading. I’ve read 20 books so far and I want to read 100 for the year. It’s still possible. I plan on doing a lot of reading during break and during the family road trip this Summer. We leave after my Summer classes. 

Currently watching an Anime called MAGI. It’s not bad. I’m rewatching Gilmore Girls! Never gets old! And I started The Walking Dead for The first time. I was dying to know how it all go started. I stopped watching Jessica Jones. I was sad to do so because David Tenant is in there! But the sec scenes were driving me nuts and I was caring for the gay characters. I also stopped the Mysteries of Laura. I really wasn’t into it all that much and there was Max. I kind of like his character and I I guessed he was gay, but I didn’t want to like jump, because some guys arnt gay and still into fashion. And despite him being gay he was my favorite character. But I made a promise to myself and I want to keep it. I’ve been seeing stuff for Beauty and the Beast and it still bothers me on what they did to that children movie. 

Missing my friends, even the one with blue hair! It didn’t work out to go somewhere during my break 😦 I’m hoping I can go to a concert or the symphony or something at least once before school. At least I get to read and watch tv at work!