Second Book Review

Hit and Run by Lurlene McDaniel

SPOILERS: Analise dies in the end.

So if she died, what was the point of having her come back?

I knew the mystery from the beginning. Not really sure if it was meant to be hidden at all, but it was what I was expecting. The rest did take a twist. Laurie black mailing Quin was rather cruel! I’d say the author has a bit of a twisted mind. Especially when it comes to making out. I mean really, why do people have to tongue each other at all. Especially for their first date and kiss. A bit unrealistic if you ask me. But what do I know, I’ve never really been on a date or kiss someone. My favorite character was Jeremy. He was so loyal to Analisa the whole time she was in a coma. I found that rather encouraging. 

It actually took me two days to read this book. Not one. I got 9 pages in on the first day and the rest I finished today. The book as 180 pages. 


First Book Review of 2018

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rodney

SPOILERS: The little brother dies.

I must say this books tool some twits I did not like. Such as the spoiler says above. I was desperately hoping that someone would have found him in his special hissing place. 

When I was first reading this I thought it was non fiction and from the Authors point of view. It’s actually fiction and takes place in first person form. Which was okay. 

The reason I gave it three stars is actually not because of two minor gay characters.  Considering I have chatted with some people that are gay and was rather fond of the time, I can’t mark down two stars because of that. I was actually annoyed with the personal life of the main character Julia. It was a bit too much details and I just wanted to skip over it and read the historical part. Her personal life picked up when the real mystery began in her life trying to find the real Sarah and her family and what the secret was with her father-in-law. 

In the end I was glad she left her husband. The fact that he didn’t want her to have a baby because of his age was just sad. I was grateful she didn’t have an abortion. I found her to be strong in the fact that she did not leave her husband the first time he had an affair. Second time though, she had every right to leave him. Which she did. And Zoe! She was such a strong headed 11 year old! I hope to have a kid that strong headed some day.

After reading this book I plan on doing some research on the Holocaust that took place in France. The book took place in France. Some day I will go to Paris. It’s a dream of mine. 

Fact about myself…

 So here is an interesing fact about myself related to this picture 1st off there will be no punctuation as I’m using voice control instead of typing this all in im using my phone so in this picture he could not get the stove to turn on it wouldn’t work in he found that he really loves ramen noodles or as some people say ramen noodles anyways so he ate it hard and i have to say I’ve done this myself when I was in school I would bring it with me and I would just crush it up and then I would eat it by the spoonful  In another Asian drama a young girl did the same thing she crush it up and pour it into a bowl only she sprinkled the seasoning on top of it and then ate it by the spoonful so I think next time I’m gonna do that lately I’ve been boiling boiling hot water and crushing it up and putting it in the hot water but I add rice to it with the seasoning of course I really love eating it this way these days I think it’s because I’ve been to the Philippines a lot well only twice but they do that a lot there

Book Review

SPOLIER ALERT: The dad lives and she gets Josh.

Still gave it a four because of my personal beliefs. It was still a good book and I thought it was a pretty decent sequel. And since the dad lived, I loved the ending. I was skeptical on his ending due to the fact that elusion was creating it’s own life. I thought maybe her dad was fake, just something the program created because she wanted him back so badly. Im grateful her and Pat are friends and that he found his own girl. And I hope his mom rots. She was so evil and full of lies! When it comes to a game that you are practically living, I would much rather do something like Sword Art Online. That is such a great Anime! 

Book Review

Elusion by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klan

SPOILER ALERT: Daddy ain’t dead.

I rated it a four star. I didn’t care for the bit of lesbian that was thrown in, but I can’t say it was a terrible book. I actually enjoyed it. Some things were not always explained clearly, but I guess that just leaves it to the imagination. The whole love triangle was a bit cliche just because it seems to happen in a lot of books. And the girl always ends up with the bad boy or the one she didn’t know here while life. But the mystery was really good and did keep me on the edge of my seat. There were a lot of what ifs and they all seemed plausible.