On A More Personal Note

“Being Judgmental” 

Of course one can be judgmental on just about anything and everything, but there is only one thing I want to talk about being judgmental towards: LGBTQ. And before I go any further, I should point out that this is more an apology than anything.

I’ve been told that I come across judgmental towards LGBTQ and it intends to be because of my faith; Catholicism. I never thought I did. I never meant to. Sometimes I can be harsh with my blunt words and I’m not that great at explaining things. I guess I’ll give this go though.

I don’t support same sex relationships or marriages; a choice of my own. But I don’t hate or dislike those that are in one. I could never, I’ve always been a lover and a friend. I can remember my government class and sitting on an angle from a young man who was gay. Did I move tables when I found out the second week of class? Of course not. That would just be rude and that’s not who I am. Actually he was a great classmate. He was kind, funny, and a great conversationalist. And moving to a different table? It never even crossed my mind. I still know his name to this day to be honest; and he lives across the street from my work, but I doubt he would remember me.

Does that make me sound judgmental? I don’t support the lifestyle, but how does a difference of opinion make me judgmental?

Lets take a look from the perspective of someone who does support LGBTQ. I had met this girl in my English class. We didn’t really hit it off until halfway through the semester. She was different in character, like a modern day hippy and someone who loves nature. I could tell that we were going to be good friends. We never got the chance. During the time when gay marriages was becoming legalized I had changed my profile picture on Facebook to a man and woman in marriage.

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Because of this picture, she didn’t want to be friends with someone who doesn’t support gay marriages; she didn’t want to be friends with me. She actually said she couldn’t be friends with me because of this. I had no idea that a difference of opinion, supporting in different directions could make someone think you can’t be friends; that she thought we couldn’t be friends. It hurt me. I’d already been through so much with people leaving me, this was really hard for me to handle.

Doesn’t this sound judgmental?

I’m not here to judge. That isn’t why God created me. We are supposed to treat others as we would want to be treated. Granted it’s hard not too. A couple reasons why it’s hard for is 1) it bothers me that their flag is that of the rainbow. I get why it is the way it is, but it was God’s promise to us first and 2) June seems to be the month for Pride, but it’s also the month for The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

That being said, it seems like LGBTQ is trying to take over religious aspects. I say “seems like” because I am sure that is not the intentions at all. It’s just the wheels in my head spinning. It’s also everywhere. Movies, TV Shows, Books. Its hard for anyone to believe in something when there is another force shaking that belief. And for me I feel like, wanting to be a with a boy isn’t right anymore, like I’m the odd one for liking boys. Now that is probably judgmental. I’m sorry.

And I am. I’m sorry. For being judgmental, not for my beliefs or for my opinions. We all believe in something different and have different opinions; making each of us is right and everyone else is wrong. It’s the word we live in. But differences shouldn’t separate us. I don’t want it to separate me from someone who could be a potential friend. Judging is something I’ve been working on and will always have to work. And if I offended you in anyway and I don’t remember, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just spoke before thinking, putt my ass in my mouth. It happens, even to the best of us.


An Asian Drama: Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog.



This Asian Drama was a bit different from the normal ones I watch. While it did have a budding romance, it was more of a mystery. A boy who loved a girl and couldn’t remember his past, another who loved the same girl and left for America, and the girl that tied them all together both past and present.

ph12Panda falls for the same boy twice and Win-II becomes brothers with the same boy twice. For 20 years Panda has been searching for the boy from her past When Win-II comes back to America he is reunited with Panda and together they try to find the boy only to come find out they have already found him. All because of one song. During the entire show I was dying to know what the lyrics were as they were not translated in English in the subtitles. It was about bugs. Win-II’s dying father taught him a way to memorize bugs for his school class. And here I was hoping for something, well more; but it was that song that reunited them as neither of them forgot it.

Panda and Hedgehog6

Naturally we all love the main characters. Most of the time and sometimes the occasional villain. For me, my favorite character was the half-sister of Win-II. Her personality was unique and bold. She was not afraid to shine or be her tomboyish self. It was also very nice seeing how much her character developed. At the beginning she had no passion except accepting money from her family and going shopping. Through each episode you could see the development from wanting to be a Patissier to actually taking action by finding a teacher and learning the skill to performing the skill when the time was needed. Her conflict between her parents and her brother and her parents also showed her development to be loyal to those that earned it from her.


Besides these characters, there are so many more; the long lost grandfather and mother, an aunt, a friend, an uncle who is heard of, but never seen…ect. If you like mystery this is a good show to watch.

On A More Personal Note

Taking a break from the reviews and getting personal. What should I get personal about? Well, lets see, how about the lack of a boy in my life. Notice the wording? I said boy and not love (get back to that in a bit).


Strong Girl Bong Soon

Yes, I have no boy in my life other than my brother, but at twenty-four almost twenty-five, I’m looking for someone to be more than a brother. However, I suck at relationships. Though thinking back, I don’t think it’s that I suck at them it’s because I don’t saw the word. Can you guess what word that is? Yep, the L word. I have been in two relationships, if you can call them that, and both boys used the L word. Of course they expected me to say it back. It’s not a word I want to waste and it scares me.


Playful Kiss

So, my first relationship was with my best friend’s cousin. We had met at her wedding, but didn’t actually become a thing until after I came back home and I asked him. I did get some encouragement from his dad who is awesome. Of course this was all in Oregon and we saw each other I believe three times. My second visit there, our third visit, it all ended because he knew love, experiencing it with another, and didn’t have it with me. That’s what he said. Yes, long distance relationships are hard, but possible. Just not possible for the two of us.

My second relationship went better. We met on a Catholic dating cite. We became an item after three or four visits. After a while it seemed a lot more one sided, more effort on my part. We ended up in a little fight over text and I asked time to think. He couldn’t do that and mentioned where this was leaving us and if we were breaking up. The fact that he brought it up bothered me and I knew it was best to put it behind me.

Two things about both of them. First, they both said, “I love you”. They used that L word. I feel as though with boys, if you don’t say it back right away, all hell breaks lose and that’s it. Now, I did say it in my second relationship and that I do regret; though I did not say it that same day. He became insecure and I had to explain later why I didn’t say it back.


Reply 1997

The second thing, I don’t regret ending either one. Though I had more of a hand in ending the second than the first. That being said, I’ve recently learned that I need to be more confident in my answers; not necessarily confident, but 100% sure. I believe we all need that when it comes to saying yes or no.

My grandmother has been trying to set me up and I did meet one boy she had in mind. He is really kind and sweet, but I just don’t see an us. He does and twice he has hinted at it, brought it up in subtle ways. I didn’t use the word no, but that’s basically what I was saying. I was very sure of it and felt at ease with my answer. And saying no is new for me, I used to always say yes. Finding my new found strong confidence in my answers has been really reassuring. I don’t want to breaks hearts, but I do want to be happy and sure of myself.

So, do I suck at relationships? Yes and no. I don’t think my lack of the L word is the problem, boys just need to suck it up and be more confident in themselves. I believe the real reason I suck at relationships, is because I’ve been left. When you’ve been left it’s hard to get attached to someone, open yourself up, make a commitment to someone. Frankly, it scares the shit out of me.


Boys Over Flowers

Then there are my standards. They are high, but I don’t believe they are too much to ask for.

  1. No tattoos or piercings. I don’t care for the first on anyone and I don’t care for the second on guys and it only belongs on the ears (1-3).\
  2. He has to be Catholic when we marry or going through RCIA while dating. My faith means a lot to me.
  3. We have to have dated for at least a year before we even get engaged. Take me out on real dates (never been on a real date, just “hangouts”)
  4. Please no swearing. Not saying I never do, but like a sailor, no thank you.
  5. And has to be willing to spend time with my family (second guy said he was afraid of my parents and wouldn’t come back to my house). My dad comes across tough, but I’m his only girl at home. Cut him some slack.
  6. Oh, and no sex until after marriage and I would truly like to save my kiss until the wedding day. Thank you Robin Jones Gunn. I’m like a giant Christmas present.


I think that about covers it. Tell what to talk about next.



Three Reviews A Charm

       The first review is for the TV show “Intruders”.

Image result for tv show intruders

Why was it only eight episodes? I want more! However, the ending was pretty decent; but it did show a possibility for more. If I could rate it I would give it a thumbs up or four stars. I say four because there were times I couldn’t follow what was happening, but over all it was fantastic. 


Related image

The character I had the most pity for was Jack Whelan played by John Simm who also plays the Master in “Doctor Who”. He could never fully grasp the idea of souls living on by entering into another person’s body. I think that part of him just didn’t want to believe, he just wanted his wife back and the other part of him couldn’t believe because it really is a crazy notion. But he lost so much, his job, his baby, his wife, and his friend from high school. 


Image result for tv show intruders

Millie Bobby Brown playing Madison/Marcus Fox was by far my favorite character. And again, its not because of her role in Stranger things. I just find it fascinating when an actor or actress can play the same character, but with split personalities. Miss Brown did a fantastic job at this especially for one that is just ten years old. Marcus Fox’s role played by a ten year old I’m sure was no easy thing; just trying to act like an adult when your a kid is no easy thing I’m sure.  I did like how her character ended. Marcus was shut out and Madison got to stay with her parents. “What comes around stays right here.” I hope I got that right. I couldn’t find the words in the internet.

The second review is on an Asian Drama “Someone Like You”

Image result for someone like you asian drama

This drama got a thumbs up from me on Netflix. Most Asian Dramas do. If I don’t like a show, like really don’t like it I don’t usually finish it. It’s that boring and slow. In a lot of them, all of them really, weather its centered around adults or high school students, part of the thing I love best is the romance. Yes, it is a bit unrealistic, but that’s what makes more, well more. Plus, it’s the kind of romance I’d like to have with someone, so at least I’m not the only one with that idea of romance running through their head. I just love the way they make me feel. And you should serious watch me while I’m watching one. I’m probably more entertaining than the show itself. And I’m okay with that. In this show, other than the romance, what I loved the most was how each of the characters intertwined with each other. The caregiver was hired while her brother was priest. The caregiver’s boss has a sister who, at first, couldn’t stand the caregiver, but fell for her brother the priest. The caregiver’s friends ends up falling for the boss’ friend. Then there is the girl from the inn who has the caregiver’s sister’s heart who was the boss’s fiance. Crazy web that probably made no sense at all! just watch the show. You won’t be disappointed.   

The third review is a book!

Image result for home by julie andrews

I enjoyed the book, but I’m only giving it a 3 star. Actually I wanted to give it 3.5 stars, but I couldn’t get Goodreads to let me do that. I wanted to read more about her personally, but after her acting career picked up in “My Fair Lady” that is all she ever really talked about. And of course she would talk about the other actors and the famous people she met. Which is cool. I just wanted more on her. Learning about her and her personal family was very fascinating. Her mother left and ended up having an affair with a man who later became Julie’s Pop. The couple were still married, so I say affair. Julie gets “raised” by her mother while her brother gets raised by their father. They do end up getting divorced and the mother marries Pop while Father marries a woman named Wen, I do believe was her name. What I loved best about Julie’s father was that when he made a promise he kept it, when he made plans he kept with her he kept them, he was even willing to take his wife back and the child she had. That’s a dedicated man. However, he wasn’t Julie’s biological father. Julie’s mother had had an affair during a dull period of their marriage. Julie met him once or twice, but wasn’t interested in a connection. Learning about her early years was very nice because it was personal. I would love to meet this fine women in person. I can’t get enough of her Sound of Music or part as a queen in Princess Diaries.  

TV Show: The Shannara Chronicles


I have to say, the second season was far better than the first. I definitely preferred Princess Amberle’s role in season two than I did in season one. I honestly didn’t care for her role; and I think that’s because I expected more from her being the princess and all.

Related image

Eretria and Mareth are my favorite characters out of all of them. They both have bad-ass fighting skills and their family heritage stories was a really nice twist to their characters. I’m ever so glad that Mareth ended up with Wil and that he was able to let go of Amberle. Though, when I thought Wil was dead, I was thinking it would have been better for him to die loving Amberle and not Mareth. But Wil is still alive!

Image result for the shannara chronicles season 2 mareth

So, on Netflix I gave it a thumbs up; however, if they still had the stars, which I wish they did, I would give a 3.5.  The first reason being, the first season was not all that and the acting was something to be desired. I am glad it got better. The second reason, is the LG parts that were put in the show. I didn’t mind it so much in the first season because it was more teasing and joshing, but it went to a whole other level in the second season and I’m not fan of LG; especially when it makes no sense since Eretria did say she had the hots for Wil.

Now, the big question is, will there be a third season or not. At the end of the second season it did say to be continued, but I know the show has been canceled. Which sucks, because Wil is alive and surrounded by dozens of Furies.

Who does that!

Currently Watching

On Netflix:

I’m still watching “Royal Pains”, Season 4 out of eight seasons. The bothers are awesome, but I get tired of the episodes where they fight. Chalk it up to personal issues. So glad that Divya ended up turning down the arranged marriage set up by her parents. She deserves to find love and be happy. I enjoy watching this medical show during my third shift. Helps the time go by fast and finish a show somewhat quickly.

Image result for royal pains Image result for royal pains

Half way through “The Shannara Chronicles”.

Eretria is by far my favorite character in this second season. Her fighting skills are what I wanted to see in the first season. In fact it’s what I expected from the Princess in the first season. Two new things I like the best is her heritage; I’m curious to see where this is supposed to go. The second is the time traveling with Wil and Mareth. I love time traveling. Mareth is also another character I love. Her magic and her fighting are also what I was expecting to see in the first season. I think that Wil and Mareth are perfect for each other. Plus Mareth is outside of the whole love triangle thing. I do hope that this second season has and ending.

And before I forget, I kept meaning to say, I’ve been wanting to know who the world “ended” in the first place. Were there always elves, and gnomes, and trolls, ect. when there were humans, high schools, and cars? Or did they came after? And what happened to the world in the first place How did it all happen? Perhaps is is explained in the book.

Image result for the shannara chronicles season 2  Related image


“Someone Like You”; it takes me a while to finish my Asian Dramas, that’s why I only watch one at a time.

Just ten episodes left and I will have it finished. I wish I could finish them faster, but when you have to read the captions, well, I kind of need a break after a couple of episodes. The second picture with the lights is where I am actually at in the show. He just asked her to be his girl, but of course it ends without her answer. I just love the way these shows make me feel. All giddy and free inside. I suppose that’s love.

Image result for someone like you asian drama Image result for someone like you asian drama

As for Hulu:

“Intruders”, a very strange alien show.

I actually picked it out because of Millie Bobby Brown. That’s really about it. Seeing her in “Stranger Things”, I had to see what else she was in. I’m not really sure what I think about the show. It’s very odd. Her part however, is rather scary. Going from a sweet little kid to a serious, mad adult. Her transitions are scary good.

Related image

I’ve recently started “Cloak and Dagger”. Just the first episode, but it’s good so far. I think it has a better start than “Runways.” That show took too long to get to the point and didn’t go the way I expected at all. I love that Olivia Holt is starring in this show, I enjoyed some of her Disney stuff.

Image result for cloak and dagger